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Ticket https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/4328#comment:12
Patches attached.

Note: ACI will be updated in another patch which fix ACIs in DNS plugin

Patches are here

What are patch 0078's dependencies? I'm missing necessary blobs..
(current master). Also it requires rebase because of today's pushes to
master (VERSION conflict).

Rebased patch attached

Patch 0078-2:

Just nitpicks.

1. The LDAP attribute type description should be changed to something
more meaningful. the "DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities -
Transport Layer Security Protocol, RFC 6698" is the complete effort. It
does not say anything about the TLSA record itself. I suggest: "TLSA
certificate association, RFC 6698" which is used in chapter 2 of RFC 6698.
This is synced with bind-dyndb-ldap, I use the same description.

2. Nitpick: Not a proper alphabetic order ;)
-    u'TSIG', u'TXT',
+    u'TSIG', u'TLSA', u'TXT',

Patch 0079:

3. A js-lint warning:

/dns.js(1140): lint warning: extra comma is not recommended in array

Just remove the comma on line 1139. To check it, run:

     `jsl -nofilelisting -nologo -nosummary -conf jsl.conf`

in install/ui directory

Updated patches attached.

ACK and pushed to master:
* 12cb31575ca84d8084687c9906e5824462bd33ec DNSSEC: add TLSA record type
* 8e911fcabc2c07cce42e32554cf8c9bcc6a544f5 DNSSEC: WebUI: add TLSA record

Petr Vobornik

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