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On Mon, 2014-06-30 at 12:49 +0200, Martin Basti wrote:
Patch attached.

It works for me.

Please change the string little bit, I have realized that we should
that file permissions are correct:

chown named: *
chmod u= *

(the chmod part new)


Updated patch attached

I'm really sorry, I had to change the message once again :-)

None of us noticed that chmod command was completely incorrect. I'm
attaching fixed patch as an apology.

It works for me when applied to master

Functional self-ACK :-)

IMHO it can be pushed if Python-review is okay.

Once again, please define new message classes in messages.py instead of just
using PublicMessage with a custom string.

Also, these messages will work for console output, but I'm not sure
pre-wrapped text would look good in web UI.
I'm not sold on the idea of giving instructions in warning messages. Would a
link to some documentation be better?

Well, the idea was to provide copy&paste instructions directly in the
not speaking about problems with URLs downstream.

If you insist on URL ... here it is:

Please use something more stable, like


which we would use as a gathering place for information about FreeIPA and

IMHO this particular warning should point to version-specific information.

I'm not opposing to /page/DNSSEC idea in general but this warning should point
to very specific steps which will be valid only to very specific version of

Make DNSSEC subsections per IPA version is IMO better, than change
warnings in code per release.

I thought that this warning will go away completely in the next version.

Please keep in mind that we need to keep the link alive 'forever'. For this
reason I would like to have version number in the URL so we don't have to mix
instructions for IPA 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 5.0 etc. on single page.

Another option is to put the page into /usr/share/doc... and serve it through
local Apache.

Please do not over-engineer this, we just want to pass couple simple commands.

Could we just add the steps to "$ ipa help dns" online help + to the release
notes + to DNS page on wiki? This should allow people interested in the manual
steps to find the information without requiring us to invent some machinery for
that help.

WebUI users can't run 'ipa help dns' command :-) Maybe it is okay because they will have to open terminal anyway (to generate dnssec keys etc.).

Maybe we can have 'ipa help dnssec' command.

I'm personally okay with that as long as it contains the original text.

Petr^2 Spacek

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