Given that Fedora 20 is now in stable phase and FreeIPA 4.0 adds a lot of functionality, we agreed that we will not publish FreeIPA 4.0 in stable Fedora 20 updates now.

When releasing 4.0, we need to:
1) Prepare a COPR build for Fedora 20 with all dependencies that are not in Fedora 20 yet. AFAIK, it should be just FreeIPA as new bind-dyndb-ldap and 389-ds-base are in updates-testing.

2) Prepare Fedora 21 build. It may not be so simple, there may be issues with other software or dependencies - we may need to patch FreeIPA or file bugs right away.

Petr3, as you plan to do the release, please drive these 2 efforts.

Martin Kosek <>
Supervisor, Software Engineering - Identity Management Team
Red Hat Inc.

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