On 7/23/2014 8:16 AM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
Disable automatic re-execution of command after pending authentication.

It's possible to enable it again globally by


# Additional info:
This ticket is in 4.0 stabilization milestone. I don't think it's the
best fit. It has a potential to break things. It's also harder to test
because integration tests don't test it - one has to remove session
cookie every time and then react appropriately.

It's also first usage of ./config module (other items there are not
used). This module was originally implemented to contain global webui
config which could be overwritten by config configured on server, ie for
disabling paging in large deployments. The server part doesn't exist
yet. Other reason is to split ipa.js into more single-purpose files.

It works a little bit differently than expected.

Right now suppose I'm trying to delete a user, I have the delete dialog open and I let it sit until the session expires, then when I click Delete it will show me a login screen. Once I re-login, the dialog box is gone. It still has the user to be deleted selected, but there's no indication what the operation I was trying to do before.

I was thinking the session expiration would work like desktop screensaver lock. So when I re-login I would see same screen as I left it, i.e. the delete dialog is still waiting for action.

The patch itself is fine, so it's ACKed, but I'll let you decide if this is sufficient to close the bug.

Endi S. Dewata

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