On 28.7.2014 19:08, Endi Sukma Dewata wrote:
On 7/28/2014 3:58 AM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
Just one thing, there is no pause between clicking the Reset button
and the redirection, so the "Password reset was successful."
confirmation message might only appear very briefly. A possible
alternative is to show a confirmation page/message, but the user will
have to click to continue to the next page.

I don't believe there is a universal solution. I would say that it
depends on personal preferences and a use case. I.e., if it's part of  a
login procedure I would prefer immediate redirection back to login page.
If it's invoked from a user action - just to change the password, some
delay might be good.

We might add a URL param(s) to configure the delay/link.

How about 2 URL params?
1. the link to the next page
2. an option whether to
    a) redirect to the link immediately
    b) show a confirmation page with the link

Just my preference, but I don't really like a 'delay' on a web page.
It's either too short or too long, and we can't put important info
during the delay because there's no guarantee people will see it.

Yes, how about this:

1. redirection=url_to_the_page
2. in=x, where x is number of seconds or a string

- redirect immediately if only `redirection` is supplied or `in=0`
- show "Continue to <a>next page</a>" link if `in` is present
- show count-down timer if `in` is > 1 with "You will be redirected in `x`s" text. - don't redirect if `in` is negative or NaN (your scenario), e.g.: `in=no` up to user
- ignore `in` if `redirection` is not present

Then we will support all described scenarios and the decision will be on web-site admin. Feel free to propose better name for `in`.
Petr Vobornik

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