On 23.7.2014 11:14, Petr Spacek wrote:
Hello list,

I have noticed that Fedora is heavily using project FedOAuth:

Federated Open Authentication
"FedOAuth is a provider for federated authentication mechanisms with a modular
authentication backend."

It sounds somewhat similar to our Ipsilon project and it is also written in

Maybe it would be beneficial to somehow cooperate ...

There is silence like in a grave so I have tried to contact FedOAuth people in

And I have got a reply!

> It seems that FedOAuth and Ipsilon projects are somehow similar. Maybe it would be beneficial to cooperate and possibly share some code.

Hi, this would certainly be interesting.
I've got SAML, OpenID, OpenID Connect and Persona providers currently, and for backends I currently have the Fedora Account System, a preconfigured user, LDAP, kerberos and a database-backed module.
What was your exact idea for collaboration?

From this text, it seems that FedOAuth is light years away (more mature) than Ipsilon - and FedOAuth is actually used in production now (by Fedora infrastructure).

So the inevitable questions are:
- What can Ipsilon do and what can't be done with FedOAuth?
- Can we simply add missing features to FedOAuth?
- Is it worth to spend more time on Ipsilon?

Sorry Simo, this is not a meant as personal attack! :-)

Petr^2 Spacek

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