On 08/08/2014 03:54 PM, thierry bordaz wrote:

The attached patch is related to 'User Life Cycle'

It creates a stageuser plugin with a first function stageuser-add. Stage
user entries are provisioned under 'cn=staged


Avoid `from ipalib.plugins.baseldap import *` in new code; instead import the module itself and use e.g. `baseldap.LDAPObject`.

The stageuser help (docstring) is copied from the user plugin, and discusses things like account lockout and disabling users. It should rather explain what stageuser itself does. (And I don't very much like the Note about the interface being badly designed...) Also decide if the docs should call it "staged user" or "stage user" or "stageuser".

A lot of the code is copied and pasted over from the users plugin. Don't do that. Either import things (e.g. validate_nsaccountlock) from the users plugin, or move the reused code into a shared module.

For the `user` object, since so much is the same, it might be best to create a common base class for user and stageuser; and similarly for the Command plugins.

The default permissions need different names, and you don't need another copy of the 'non_object' ones. Also, run the makeaci script.


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