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On 12.8.2014 17:59, Endi Sukma Dewata wrote:
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ticket: https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/4402

snip (ACK of 720, 721) but patch 720 was replaced by a new version


[PATCH] 724 webui: display fields based on otp token type

- in adder dialog

is it an ACK?

Sorry, missed this one. ACK.

[PATCH] 727 webui: hide empty fields and sections

Hide widgets without a value. Must be explicitly turned on. In widget by
`hidden_if_empty` flag. Or globally by `hide_empty_widgets` flag. Global
hiding can be individually turned off by `ignore_empty_hiding` flag.

In item #2 of ticket #4402 I was originally thinking the widget
visibility would be determined by the token type.

Originally I wrote it that way but with this patch it became redundant.

Any plan to add the
token type field in the future?

maybe, I don't have any strong feelings about it. Will users benefit
from adding it? If yes, it should be also added to CLI.

Can the users tell which type of token they have based on the existing fields? There is a model field which is populated with the type (e.g. totp or hotp). But since the value can be changed to anything it's not a reliable way to determine the type. I don't think it's very user-friendly to ask the user to see whether the type-specific fields are shown in order to determine the type.

I can't say there's a big benefit by adding the field, but maybe some admins might find it useful, and it can be used to sort/filter out search results.

Atm. token type is derived from object classes. It exists only in add
operation as a virtual attribute. We can check a presence of
ipatokenhotp or ipatokentotp object classes to simulate the field.

Yes, if people can add an attribute usually they will expect to be able to see what they added.

Will the "counter" field strictly have a
value with HOTP only and "clock offset & interval" fields strictly have
value with TOTP only? Do these fields contain the configured values or
the effective values? I was just thinking maybe in the future some of
these fields might be configured empty and they will use the default
values instead. If that's not a problem then ACK.

Respective fields are present only in corresponding object classes ->
there won't be an HTOP token with 'clock offset'. If they are present,
they have a default value. -> No false hiding -> Shouldn't be a problem.

Btw: Other of my other original intents was to hide it based on ACI
rights. The issues is that the rights are not present without
corresponding OC. Hiding in such case is dangerous - explicitly disabled
in patch 728.

What do you think about setting `hide_empty_widgets` global setting to

On a read-only page I think it's OK to hide empty fields. But on edit page I don't think we should do that by default.

Does "empty" mean "unset", or "blank" like empty string/array? Does "unset" always mean "non-editable and invisible" and "blank" always mean "editable and visible but it's just empty"? If this definition isn't strictly followed there could be an editable field that accidentally gets hidden because it's empty.

Generally if a field is supposed to be hidden in an edit page because of other condition (e.g. token type), not because of the value, the code should also use that condition instead of relying on the value being unset. In this particular case, instead of:

  if (field !== undefined) {
      // display field

we probably should do:

  var type = ...

  if (type == 'hotp') {
      // display hotp fields

  } else { // totp
      // display totp fields

For now the type can be determined by the availability of certain type-specific fields, but in the future we may add the type itself.

3. The "Clock offset" field doesn't have a unit.

Fixed in patch 720-1, patch 729 was rebased


4. If no "Owner" is specified when adding a token, it will default to
admin. Is this the intended behavior?

Sadly yes.

Maybe the adder dialog should show admin (or the current user?) as the default owner instead of empty?

Endi S. Dewata

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