On 05/09/14 19:47, Petr Spacek wrote:
On 5.9.2014 17:40, Petr Spacek wrote:

Fix root zone handling.

syncrepl_update() was buggy in a way which could cause accidental zone removal.

Test case: A server with two zones: '.' and 'test.'

Zone '.':
.     NS ns1.test.
.     NS ns2.test.
test. NS ns1.test.
test. NS ns2.test.

Zone 'test.':
test.     NS ns1.test.
test.     NS ns2.test.
ns1.test. A
ns2.test. A

Removing whole name 'test.' from zone '.' will cause removal of zone 'test.'
instead of removing NS records from zone '.'.

And fix the fix ...

Martin Basti

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