On 9/10/2014 9:59 AM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
On 4.9.2014 21:26, Endi Sukma Dewata wrote:
On 8/29/2014 11:00 AM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
[PATCH] 746 webui: append network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris


Some comments/questions:

1. If I'm reading this correctly, if the preference is currently empty,
the method will just return without setting the new value.

Fixed. Yes, even if there was 'continue', it would be wrong.

2. If the new value already exists, the method will just return.
Shouldn't it "continue" with the rest of the loop instead of "return"?
This applies to #1 as well.

Yes, fixed.

3. Using indexOf() to find a URI in a string can produce false matches.
For example, aa.com will match baa.com. Ideally the existing value
should be parsed into a collection of URI's, then the new URI should be
matched using a proper URI matching algorithm.

Fixed with function which matches splitted and striped values using
strict equality.

ACK. A possible improvement is to normalize the current value to remove excessive white spaces.

Endi S. Dewata

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