On 3.10.2014 16:24, Martin Kosek wrote:
NACK. I will not comment on mechanics, if you get an ACK from Honza, it
is good enough. I just do not like the API. It is hard to guess what
"host-add-retrieve-keytab" means. That word does not even make much sense.

Can we use something more readable? For example:

ipa host-add-allowed-operation HOSTNAME --operation read_keys
--users=STR --groups STR
ipa host-add-allowed-operation HOSTNAME --operation write_keys
--users=STR --groups STR


ipa host-remove-allowed-operation HOSTNAME --operation read_keys
--users=STR --groups STR
ipa host-remove-allowed-operation HOSTNAME --operation write_keys
--users=STR --groups STR

Same with services. At least to me, it looks more readable.


Seems to me as adding of allowed operation. Not allowing an operation.

What about:

ipa host-allow-retrieve-keytab HOSTNAME --users=STR --groups STR
ipa host-disallow-retrieve-keytab HOSTNAME --users=STR --groups STR
ipa host-allow-create-keytab HOSTNAME --users=STR --groups STR
ipa host-disallow-create-keytab HOSTNAME --users=STR --groups STR

or if we expect more operations in a future:

ipa host-allow-operation HOSTNAME --operation read-keys --users=STR --groups STR ipa host-disallow-operation HOSTNAME --operation read-keys --users=STR --groups STR ipa host-allow-operation HOSTNAME --operation write-keys --users=STR --groups STR ipa host-disallow-operation HOSTNAME --operation write-keys --users=STR --groups STR

or if we want to keep 'add' and 'remove' in command names:

ipa host-add-retrieve-keytab-right HOSTNAME --users=STR --groups=STR
ipa host-add-create-keytab-right HOSTNAME --users=STR --groups=STR
ipa host-remove-retrieve-keytab-right HOSTNAME --users=STR --groups=STR
ipa host-remove-create-keytab-right HOSTNAME --users=STR --groups=STR

personally I'm not a fan o the --operation switch, but could be persuaded by a 'future' usage.
Petr Vobornik

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