all the issues I found are fixed, for me it's ACK

On 10/08/2014 07:50 PM, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On Tue, 07 Oct 2014, Ludwig Krispenz wrote:
Hi Alex,

I have a question regarding It is/was a reference to the pblock used to generate a new dn, but now in idview_replace_target_dn(&,...) it can be newly allocated and should be freed, so I think there should be a return code indicating if it was allocated or not.
Yes, good catch.

I've fixed this and other issues raised in the review.

I also fixed an issue with an initial lookup by an override. If someone
does a search by an override, we would replace uid|cn=<value> by
uid=<ipaOriginalUid value> if it exists and by <ipaAnchorUUID value>
otherwise -- for groups we don't have ipaOriginalUid as they don't have
uids. Now, the filter would look like (ipaAnchorUUID=:SID:S-...) and if
there is no entry in the map cache, the search will return nothing, the
entry will be staged for lookup through SSSD.

In the original version lookup in SSSD didn't take ipaAnchorUUID into
account, so the entry would not be found at all. I did add a call to
do sid2name first and then use the name to perform actual SSSD lookup.

Works nicely now.

New patch for slapi-nis is attached.

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