On 17.10.2014 21:03, Endi Sukma Dewata wrote:
On 10/3/2014 11:48 AM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
Allow to use --force when changing authoritative nameserver address in
DNS zone.

Same for dnsrecord-add for NS record.


ACK, just some minor issues:

Pushed to:
master: 741c31c2b428cf979db6a9d7cd91f88e5f247fb4
ipa-4-1: 502bf5671306b873c36e12bc88139bb5a42f8657

1. The 'Check DNS' button might be interpreted as 'check the DNS without
updating the DNS zone' but in fact it also updates the DNS zone. I'd
suggest using a regular 'Update' button, but add a 'Force' checkbox.

2. A 'Force' checkbox would be more consistent with other dialog boxes
than 'Skip DNS check' checkbox. Also, there might be other checks being
done, not just DNS check.

The same behavior is in Realm Domains update.


3. When the authoritative nameserver is updated I get this message:

   semantic of '--name-server' option was changed: the option is used
   only for setting up the SOA MNAME attribute.

   To edit NS record(s) in zone apex, use command 'dnsrecord-mod [zone]
   @ --ns-rec=nameserver'.

I think the message shouldn't be displayed because it's irrelevant to
the UI, a bit too long to read, and not enough time to read it before it

Overall I agree. But it's not completely irrelevant since the main message: "behavior has changed" is there. The CLI commands shouldn't be there.


4. Server issue. I don't see a --force option in the dnsrecord-add help

I wonder why --force in dnsrecord-add has 'no_option' flag.

Note: dnsrecord-mod doesn't support --force option to skip dns
resolution when changing NS record. Question is whether it should be
added, or if 'edit' button should be hidden in web ui to force
dnsrecord-add + dnsrecord-del combo instead of dnsrecord-mod, or if it's
good as is.
Note2: -add + -del combo has better UX than -del + -add if there is only
one value in the dns record.

I think if we're keeping the dnsrecord-mod CLI it should have a --force
option too regardless whether the UI uses -mod or -add/del. Once that's
added, the Edit dialog should provide a checkbox for that too.

The Edit dialog in DNS records is useful to edit records that consist of
multiple fields (e.g. MX, SRV), so I think we should keep that, but
internally it could be implemented either using -add/del or -mod,
whichever works better.

I also think that dnsrecord-mod  should have --force option.

Petr Vobornik

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