On 20.10.2014 13:59, Martin Kosek wrote:

We are getting very close to FreeIPA 4.1 release, so let us follow the usual
drill :-)

1) Here is the WIP release notes, updates welcome:

2) I am looking for tickets /patches that are a must for 4.1 and that are not
yet tracked in Trac "FreeIPA 4.1" milestone.

3) I am looking for a Release Man for this release.

That would be also me.

The plan is to release 4.1 and then 4.0.4. Besides usual tarballs, 4.1 will go into Fedora rawhide, f21-updates-testing and mkosek/freeipa copr repo (to be usable on F20). 4.0.4 will not land in Fedora and will be available only in new copr repo. Proposed name: mkosek/freeipa-4-0
Petr Vobornik

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