The FreeIPA team is proud to announce FreeIPA v4.1.0!

It can be downloaded from The builds will be available for Fedora 21. Builds for Fedora 20 are available in the official COPR repository [].

== Highlights in 4.1 ==
=== Enhancements ===
* New concept of 'ID Views' allowing FreeIPA administrator to define or override POSIX attributes for users/groups coming from trusted domains. Such users then do not need to have POSIX attributes defined in the Active Directory to authenticate to FreeIPA clients. It also allows to assign particular view to selected hosts or hostgroups, thus allowing having a user / group with different POSIX attributes on different hosts. Per-host overrides should be used with extreme care! [] * New tool ipa-cacert-manage to manually renew or change FreeIPA PKI CA certificate []
* DNSSEC Support
* OTP authentication plugin now prevents multiple usage of token codes on a single FreeIPA server * DNS interface now supports adding DNS root zone (".") allowing admin to for example centrally override DNS root hints. * DNS zone adding interface was simplified - name server and it's IP address is no longer required. The list of authoritative name servers are read from LDAP * Seamless signing of FreeIPA CA us a subCA in Windows Certificate Services [] * New option --request-cert to optionally request host certificates on FreeIPA clients (to /etc/ipa/nssdb/) * CLI and Web UI for 'retrive keytab' and 'create keytab' authorization []
* Services can now be assigned as members of RBAC roles
* `ipa` command run with `-vv` option now prints JSON request and reply exchanged with the FreeIPA server. `-vvv` also prints HTTP communication. * Description attribute is no longer required (e.g. in groups, sudo command groups or others) given that it is also not required in schema.
* Packages can be now built and installed on RHEL/CentOS 7.0
* ipa-replica-prepare now waits for the replica DNS record to be available to fix race conditions in automated test environments * Port 8443 is now checked before server installation to prevent failures in configuring PKI which uses the port

=== Bug fixes ===
* Server installers can now handle hosts with multiple IPv4 or IPv6 addresses * DNS zone interface no longer accepts `--class` option as it had no effect as FreeIPA DNS only supports 'IN' class.
* ipa-ldap-upgrade restores Directory Server settings when upgrade fails
* SSLv3.0 (CVE-2014-3566) ciphers are now disabled on new installations

=== DNSSEC Support ===
FreeIPA now automates basic key management for Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) []. Before you start signing you DNS zones you have to install DNSSEC key master role to an existing FreeIPA DNS server using command:
 ipa-dns-install --dnssec-master

It allows you to enable DNSSEC for particular DNS zone using command:
 ipa dnszone-mod --dnssec=true

This command will generate new zone keys, distribute keys to all FreeIPA DNS servers and configure all servers to independently sign the zone. Please keep in mind that it can take few minutes before all servers sign the zone.

==== Known Limitations ====
* User has to manually upload Delegation Signer (DS) record [] to parent DNS zone to establish chain of trust.

* User has to manually confirm that DS record in parent zone was published otherwise Key Signing Key (KSK) [] will not be rotated. This confirmation has to be done on FreeIPA server with key master role using following command: sudo -u ods ods-ksmutil key ds-seen --zone --keytag 12345
* Keytag can be obtained from dig output:
  dig +dnssec DS

* User is not notified about automated key rotation. This does not lower stability of the system because of `ds-seen` logic mentioned above.

* Key and signing policy cannot be changed using FreeIPA tools. Currently it is stored in `/etc/opendnssec/kasp.xml` file on DNSSEC key master server. Manual changes to `kasp.xml` will be lost during next FreeIPA upgrade.

* Only one FreeIPA server can have DNSSEC key master role:
** *Please plan carefully, current version does not allow you to easily move DNSSEC master role to a different server.* ** DNSSEC key management will not work when the key master is not running, i.e. DNSSEC keys will not be rotated according to the policy and keys for new zones will not be generated.

== Known Issues ==
* Directory Server may deadlock in some situations (tracked in upstream ticket []). * SSLv3.0 (CVE-2014-3566) ciphers are not disabled on upgrades. See CVE-2014-3566 and referred external articles on advise how to deal with this vulnerability.

== Upgrading ==
An IPA server can be upgraded simply by installing updated rpms. The server does not need to be shut down in advance.

Please note that if you are doing the upgrade in special environment (e.g. FedUp) which does not allow running the LDAP server during upgrade process, upgrade scripts need to be run manually after the first boot:

 # ipa-ldap-updater --upgrade
 # ipa-upgradeconfig

Also note that the performance improvements require an extended set of indexes to be configured. RPM update for an IPA server with a excessive number of users may require several minutes to finish.

If you have multiple servers you may upgrade them one at a time. It is expected that all servers will be upgraded in a relatively short period (days or weeks, not months). They should be able to co-exist peacefully but new features will not be available on old servers and enrolling a new client against an old server will result in the SSH keys not being uploaded.

Downgrading a server once upgraded is not supported.

Upgrading from 3.3.0 and later versions is supported. Upgrading from previous versions is not supported and has not been tested.

An enrolled client does not need the new packages installed unless you want to re-enroll it. SSH keys for already installed clients are not uploaded, you will have to re-enroll the client or manually upload the keys.

== Feedback ==
Please provide comments, bugs and other feedback via the freeipa-users mailing list ( or #freeipa channel on Freenode.

== Detailed Changelog since 4.0.0 ==

 Alexander Bokovoy (15):
ipaserver/ if search of a closest GC failed, try to find any GC
      ipaserver/ make PDC discovery more robust
ipaserver/ Avoid hitting issue with transitive trusts on Windows Server prior to 2012 ipaserver/ be more open to what domains can be seen through the forest trust ipaserver/ Make sure trust is established only to forest root domain
      Support overridding user shell in ID views
      Allow user overrides to specify SSH public keys
      Allow user overrides to specify GID of the user
      Allow override of gecos field in ID views
      Update API version for ID views support
      Require slapi-nis 0.54 or later for ID views support
      Support idviews in compat tree
      Change ipaOverrideTarget OID to avoid conflict with DNSSEC feature
      updater: enable uid uniqueness plugin for posixAccounts
      Default to use TLSv1.0 and TLSv1.1 on the IPA server side

 Ana Krivokapić (1):
      Remove internaldb password from password.conf

 David Kupka (20):
      Fix ipa-client-install --uninstall crash
      Always record that pkicreate has been executed.
      Improve password validity check.
Fix group-remove-member crash when group is removed from a protected group
      test group: remove group from protected group.
      Verify otptoken timespan is valid
      Add record(s) to /etc/host when IPA is configured as DNS server.
      Use certmonger D-Bus API instead of messing with its files.
      Do not restart apache server when not necessary.
      Allow user to force Kerberos realm during installation.
      Fix typo causing ipa-upgradeconfig to fail.
Add 'host' setting into default.conf configuration file on client. Fix description in man page.
      Detect and configure all usable IP addresses.
      Do not require description in UI.
      Fix example usage in ipa man page.
      Check that port 8443 is available when installing PKI.
      Set IPA CA for freeipa certificates.
      Stop dogtag when updating its configuration in ipa-upgradeconfig.
      Fix printing of reverse zones in ipa-dns-install.
Fix typo causing certmonger is provided with wrong path to ipa-submit.

 Gabe Alford (5):
      Fix typos in
      Enable debug pid in smb.conf
      ipa trust-add command should be interactive
      Fix hardcoded lib dir in freeipa.spec
      Missing requires on python-dns in spec file

 Jakub Hrozek (1):
      CLIENT: Explicitly require python-backports-ssl_match_hostname

 Jan Cholasta (100):
Check if /root/ipa.csr exists when installing server with external CA. Exclude attributelevelrights from --raw result processing in baseldap. Add function for checking if certificate is self-signed to ipalib.x509.
      Support CA certificate renewal in dogtag-ipa-ca-renew-agent.
      Allow IPA master hosts to update CA certificate in LDAP.
      Automatically update CA certificate in LDAP on renewal.
      Track CA certificate using dogtag-ipa-ca-renew-agent.
      Add method for setting CA renewal master in LDAP to CAInstance.
      Provide additional functions to ipapython.certmonger.
Move external cert validation from ipa-server-install to installutils.
      Add method for verifying CA certificates to NSSDatabase.
      Add permissions for CA certificate renewal.
      Add CA certificate management tool ipa-cacert-manage.
      Alert user when externally signed CA is about to expire.
      Load sysupgrade.state on demand.
      Pick new CA renewal master when deleting a replica.
      Remove master ACIs when deleting a replica.
      Do not use ldapi in certificate renewal scripts.
Check that renewed certificates coming from LDAP are actually renewed.
      Allow IPA master hosts to read and update IPA master information.
      Do not treat the IPA RA cert as CA cert in DS NSS database.
Remove certificate "External CA cert" from /etc/pki/nssdb on client uninstall. Allow specifying trust flags in NSSDatabase and CertDB method trust_root_cert.
      Fix trust flags in HTTP and DS NSS databases.
      Add LDAP schema for wrapped cryptographic keys.
      Add LDAP schema for certificate store.
      Add container for certificate store.
      Configure attribute uniqueness for certificate store.
      Add permissions for certificate store.
Add functions for extracting certificates fields in DER to ipalib.x509. Add function for extracting extended key usage from certs to ipalib.x509.
      Add certificate store module ipalib.certstore.
Upload CA chain from DS NSS database to certificate store on server install. Upload CA chain from DS NSS database to certificate store on server update.
      Rename CertDB method add_cert to import_cert.
Add new add_cert method for adding certificates to NSSDatabase and CertDB. Import CA certs from certificate store to DS NSS database on replica install. Import CA certs from certificate store to HTTP NSS database on server install.
      Upload renewed CA cert to certificate store on renewal.
      Refactor CA certificate fetching code in ipa-client-install.
Support multiple CA certificates in /etc/ipa/ca.crt in ipa-client-install. Add function for writing list of certificates to a PEM file to ipalib.x509. Get CA certs for /etc/ipa/ca.crt from certificate store in ipa-client-install.
      Allow overriding NSS database path in RPCClient.
Get CA certs for /etc/pki/nssdb from certificate store in ipa-client-install.
      Add functions for DER encoding certificate extensions to ipalib.x509.
Get CA certs for system-wide store from cert store in ipa-client-install. Get up-to-date CA certificates from certificate store in ipa-replica-install.
      Add client certificate update tool ipa-certupdate.
      Export full CA chain to /etc/ipa/ca.crt in ipa-server-install.
      Allow multiple CA certificates in replica info files.
Add new NSSDatabase method get_cert for getting certs from NSS databases. Allow changing chaining of the IPA CA certificate in ipa-cacert-manage.
      Update CS.cfg on IPA CA certificate chaining change in renew_ca_cert.
Allow adding CA certificates to certificate store in ipa-cacert-manage.
      Allow upgrading CA-less to CA-full using ipa-ca-install.
      Update external CA cert in Dogtag NSS DB on IPA CA cert renewal.
      Enable NSS PKIX certificate path discovery and validation for Dogtag.
      Add test for baseldap.entry_to_dict.
      Fix parsing of long nicknames in certutil -L output.
      Convert external CA chain to PKCS#7 before passing it to pkispawn.
      Allow changing CA renewal master in ipa-csreplica-manage.
      Normalize external CA cert before passing it to pkispawn
      Make CA-less ipa-server-install option --root-ca-file optional.
      Backup CS.cfg before modifying it
Use autobind when updating CA people entries during certificate renewal Fix certmonger code causing the ca_renewal_master update plugin to fail
      Allow RPM upgrade from ipa-* packages
      Include ipaplatform in client-only build
      Include the ipa command in client-only build
Allow specifying signing algorithm of the IPA CA cert in ipa-server-install. Add NSSDatabase.import_files method for importing files in various formats
      External CA installer options usability fixes
      CA-less installer options usability fixes
      Allow choosing CA-less server certificates by name
      Do stricter validation of CA certificates
      Introduce NSS database /etc/ipa/nssdb
      Move NSSDatabase from ipaserver.certs to ipapython.certdb
Add NSSDatabase.has_nickname for checking nickname presence in a NSS DB
      Use NSSDatabase instead of direct certutil calls in client code
Use /etc/ipa/nssdb to get nicknames of IPA certs installed in /etc/pki/nssdb
      Check if IPA client is configured in ipa-certupdate
      Get server hostname from jsonrpc_uri in ipa-certupdate
Remove ipa-ca.crt from systemwide CA store on client uninstall and cert update
      Fix certmonger.wait_for_request
Fix certmonger search for the CA cert in ipa-certupdate and ipa-cacert-manage
      Add missing imports to ipapython.certdb
Remove misleading authorization error message in cert-request with --add Split off generic Red Hat-like platform code from Fedora platform code
      Add RHEL platform module
      Support building RPMs for RHEL/CentOS 7.0
Support MS CS as the external CA in ipa-server-install and ipa-ca-install Allow specifying signing algorithm of the IPA CA cert in ipa-ca-install Fix CA cert validity check for CA-less and external CA installer options
      Fix certmonger.request_cert
Add ipa-client-install switch --request-cert to request cert for the host Do not create ipa-pki-proxy.conf if CA is not configured in ipa-upgradeconfig
      Do not fix trust flags in the DS NSS DB in ipa-upgradeconfig
      Check LDAP instead of local configuration to see if IPA CA is enabled
      DNSSEC: remove container_dnssec_keys

 Ludwig Krispenz (2):
      Update SSL ciphers configured in 389-ds-base
      Ignore irrelevant subtrees in schema compat plugin

 Lukáš Slebodník (2):
      Fix warning: Using uninitialized value ld.
      Add missing break

 Martin Bašti (48):
      Fix DNS upgrade plugin should check if DNS container exists
      FIX: named_enable_dnssec should verify if DNS is installed
      Allow to add host if AAAA record exists
      Tests: host tests with dns
      Fix dnsrecord-mod raise error if last record attr is removed
      DNSSEC: fix DS record validation
      Tests: DNS dsrecord validation
      DNS fix NS record coexistence validator
      Test: DNS NS validation
      Fix DNS record rename test
      FIX DNS wildcard records (RFC4592)
      Tests: DNS wildcard records
      dnszone-remove-permission should raise error
      DNS: remove --class option
      WebUI: DNS: remove --class option
      FIX: ldap schmema updater needs correct ordering of the updates
      Fix DNS plugin to allow to add root zone
      DNS test: allow '.' as zone name
      Deprecation of --name-server and --ip-address option in DNS
      Add correct NS records during installation
      DNS: autofill admin email
      WebUI: DNS: Remove ip-address, admin-email options
      DNS tests: tests update to due to change in options
      Remove --ip-address, --name-server otpions from DNS help
      Refactoring of autobind, object_exists
      LDAP disable service
      DNS missing tests
      Fix ipactl service ordering
      Add missing attributes to named.conf
      Make named.conf template platform independent
      Remove ipaContainer, ipaOrderedContainer objectclass
      Add mask, unmask methods for service
      DNSSEC: dependencies
      DNSSEC: schema
      DNSSEC: add ipapk11helper module
      DNSSEC: DNS key synchronization daemon
      DNSSEC: opendnssec services
      DNSSEC: platform paths and services
      DNSSEC: validate forwarders
      DNSSEC: modify named service to support dnssec
      DNSSEC: installation
      DNSSEC: uninstallation
      DNSSEC: upgrading
      DNSSEC: add files to backup
      DNSSEC: change link to ipa page
      fix DNSSEC restore named state
      fix forwarder validation errors

 Martin Košek (8):
      Do not require dogtag-pki-server-theme
      Allow hashed passwords in DS
      Do not crash client basedn discovery when SSF not met
      ipa-adtrust-install does not re-add member in adtrust agents group
      Sudorule RunAsUser should work with external groups
      Raise better error message for permission added to generated tree
      Remove changetype attribute from update plugin
      Update contributors

 Nathaniel McCallum (13):
      Fix login password expiration detection with OTP
      Update freeipa-server krb5-server dependency to 1.11.5-5
      Fix ipa-getkeytab for pre-4.0 servers
      Add TOTP watermark support
      Ensure ipaUserAuthTypeClass when needed on user creation
      Update qrcode support for newer python-qrcode
      Use stack allocation when writing values during otp auth
      Move OTP synchronization step to after counter writeback
      Remove token ID from self-service UI
      Remove token vendor, model and serial defaults
      Display token type when viewing token
      Create ipa-otp-counter 389DS plugin
      Configure IPA OTP Last Token plugin on upgrade

 Petr Viktorin (34):
      baseldap: Return empty string when no effective rights are found
ldap2 indirect membership processing: Use global limits if greater than per-query ones
      test_xmlrpc: Update tests
      Update API.txt
      test_ipagetkeytab: Fix assertion in negative test
      Support delegating RBAC roles to service principals
      service: Normalize service principal in get_dn Add python-backports-ssl_match_hostname to BuildRequires
      permission plugin: Make --target available in the CLI
      permission plugin: Improve description of the target option
      Add managed read permissions for compat tree
Fix: Add managed read permissions for compat tree and operational attrs
      Update referential integrity config for DS 1.3.3
permission plugin: Auto-add operational atttributes to read permissions Allow deleting obsolete permissions; remove operational attribute permissions
      ipaserver.install: Consolidate system user creation
      ipa_restore: Split the services list
      backup,restore: Don't overwrite /etc/{passwd,group}
      ipa_backup: Log where the backup is be stored
      Add basic test for backup & restore
      Add test for backup/delete system users/restore
JSON client: Log pretty-printed request and response with -vv or above
      test_permission_plugin: Check legacy permissions
      upgradeinstance: Restore listeners on failure
      ipa-replica-prepare: Wait for the DNS entry to be resolvable
      Move setting SELinux booleans to platform code
      ipa-restore: Set SELinux booleans when restoring
      ipaserver.install.service: Don't show error message on SystemExit(0)
      VERSION,Makefile: Rename "pre" to "alpha"
      Become IPA 4.1.0 Alpha 1
      test_service_plugin: Do not lowercase memberof_role
      test_forced_client_reenrollment: Don't check for host certificates
      backup/restore: Add files from /etc/ipa/nssdb
      sudo integration test: Remove the local user test

 Petr Voborník (81):
      webui: capitalize labels of undo and undo all buttons
      webui: improve usability of attributes widget
      webui: add filter to attributes widget
      webui: optimize (re)creation of option widget
      webui: custom attr in attributes widget
webui: attr widget: get list of possible attrs from ipapermdefaultattr
      webui: option_widget_base: sort options
      webui: reflect readonly state
      webui: fix add of input group class
      webui: show managed fields as readonly and not disabled
      webui: fix selection of empty value in a select widget
      webui: disable ipapermbindruletype if permission in a privilege
      webui: fix disabled state of service's PAC type
      baseldap: return 'none' attr level right as unicode string
      webui: support wildcard attribute level rights
      webui: fix nested items creation in dropdown list
      webui: internet explorer fixes
      webui: detach facet nodes
      webui: replace action_buttons with action_widget
      webui: remove remaining action-button-disabled occurrences
      webui: add bounce url to reset_password.html
      webui-ci: fix reset password check
      webui: better error reporting
      webui-ci: fix table widget add
      webui: display expired session notification in a more visible area
      webui: improved info msgs on login/token sync/reset pwd pages
      webui: login screen - improved button switching
      webui: rename tooltip to title
      webui: tooltip support
      webui: better authentication types description
      webui: convert widget.less indentation to spaces
      webui: improve rule table css
      webui: sshkey widget - usability fixes
      webui: disable batch action buttons by default
      webui: fix group type padding
      webui: extract complex pkey on Add and Edit
      webui: adjust behavior of bounce url
webui: do not show login error when switching back from otp sync screen
      webui: switch associators if default doesn't work
      webui: notify psw change success only once
      webui: append network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris
install: create ff krb extension on every install, replica install and upgrade
      webui: add measurement unit to otp token time fields
      webui: better otp token type label
      webui: add token from user page
      webui: add i18n for the rest of QR code strings
      webui: display fields based on otp token type
      webui: better value-change reporting
      webui: widget initialization
      webui: hide empty fields and sections
      webui: hide non-readable fields
      webui: hide otp fields based on token type
      webui: fix regression in association facet preop
      webui-ci: case-insensitive record check
      webui: do not offer ipa-ad-winsync and ipa-ipa-trust range types
      webui: improve breadcrumb navigation
      webui: treat value as pkey in link widget
      webui: do not show internal facet name to user
      webui: allow to skip link widget link validation
      webui: add simple link column support
      webui: new ID views section
      webui: facet group labels for idview's facets
      webui: list only not-applied hosts in "apply to host" dialog
      webui: add link from host to idview
      webui-ci: adjust dnszone-add test to recent DNS changes
      dns: fix privileges' memberof during dns install
      keytab manipulation permission management
      tests: management of keytab permissions
      idviews: error out if appling Default Trust View on hosts
      webui: add link to OTP token app
      webui: add new iduseroverride fields
      webui: management of keytab permissions
      webui: allow --force in dnszone-mod and dnsrecord-add
      webui: make Evented a part of base IPA.object
      webui: change order of idview's facet groups
      webui: hide applied to hosts tab for Default Trust View
      webui: hide (un)apply buttons for Default Trust View
      webui: do not offer ipa users to Default Trust View
      webui: do not show closed dialog
      webui: update combobox input on list click
      Become IPA 4.1.0

Petr Špaček (1):
      DNSSEC: add ipa dnssec daemons

Rob Crittenden (1):
      No longer generate a machine certificate on client installs

Stephen Gallagher (1):
      Change BuildRequires for Java

Sumit Bose (4):
      ipa-kdb: fix unit tests
      extdom: add support for new version
      extdom: add support for sss_nss_getorigbyname()
      extdom: remove unused dependency to libsss_idmap

Tomáš Babej (44):
      trusts: Validate missing trust secret properly
      ipatests: tasks: Fix dns configuration for trusts
      trusts: Make cn=adtrust agents sysaccount nestedgroup
baseldap: Remove redundant search from LDAPAddReverseMember and LDAPRemoveReverseMember
      ipalib: idrange: Make non-implemented range types fail the validation
      ipatests: test_trust: Add test to cover lookup of trusdomains
ipa-client-install: Do not add already configured sources to nsswitch.conf entries ipalib: host_del: Extend LDAPDelete's takes_options instead of overriding
      Set the default attributes for RootDSE
baseldap: Properly handle the case of renaming object to the same name
      idviews: Add necessary schema for the ID views
      idviews: Create container for ID views under cn=accounts
      idviews: Add ipaAssignedIDVIew reference to the host object
      ipalib: Remove redundant and star imports from host plugin
      ipalib: PEP8 fixes for host plugin
      idviews: Create basic idview plugin structure
      idvies: Add managed permissions for idview and idoverride objects
      hostgroup: Add helper that returns all members of a hostgroup
      hostgroup: Remove redundant and star imports
      hostgroup: Selected PEP8 fixes for the hostgroup plugin
      idviews: Add ipa idview-apply and idview-unapply commands
idviews: Extend idview-show command to display assigned idoverrides and hosts
      trusts: Add conversion from SID to object name
      idviews: Support specifying object names instead of raw anchors only
idviews: Split the idoverride object into iduseroverride and idgroupoverride idviews: Split the idoverride commands into iduseroverride and idgroupoverride
      idviews: Alter idoverride methods to work with splitted objects
      idviews: Change format of IPA anchor to include domain
idviews: Raise NotFound errors if object to override could not be found
      idviews: Resolve anchors to object names in idview-show
      ipatests: Add xmlrpc tests for idviews plugin
      idviews: Add ipaOriginalUid
idviews: Update the referential plugin config to watch for ipaAssignedIDView
      idviews: Fix casing of ID Views to be consistent
      idviews: Make description optional for the ID View object
      idviews: Add Default Trust View as part of adtrustinstall
      idviews: Handle Default Trust View properly in the framework
idviews: Make sure the dict.get method is not abused for MUST attributes idviews: Catch errors on unsuccessful AD object lookup when resolving object name to anchor
      idviews: Display the list of hosts when using --all
idviews: Make sure only regular IPA objects are allowed to be overriden
      idviews: Create Default Trust View for upgraded servers
      idviews: Fix typo in upgrade handling of the Default Trust View
      spec: Bump SSSD requires to 1.12.2

Petr Vobornik

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