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Petr Viktorin <pvikt...@redhat.com> wrote:

> Hello!
> There's been some interest in releasing pieces of FreeIPA's testing 
> infrastructure so it can be reused in other projects.
> I will soon take the pytest-beakerlib plugin (currently in my patch 
> 0672), and making a stand-alone project out of it. Later I'll extract 
> the common pieces of the integration testign framework, and release
> that independently.
> Do we want projects projects like these to be hosted on Fedorahosted? 
> That would be the 100% open-source solution.
> Or do we want to put it under a freeipa organization on Github, since 
> we're more likely to get external contributors there?
> Or both? (Would we want to "officially" mirror the project to Github 
> from FH?)
> I'm asking about the projects' "home", the Git repo can of course be 
> mirrored anywhere.

The "release" and "issues" stuff on github is ridiculous, I have no
opposition to mirror on github and get pull requests from there, but
the "home" (ie where official tarballs are released) should be elsewhere
also trac, although perhaps not so fancy looking is much better than
github issue tracker imo.

The only "nice" thing about github's issues is that you can answer via
email, too bad it mangles addresses so that it is super easy to just
send any reply in a black hole (done that on several occasions and was
wondering why the reporter did not reply).


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