> It *is not* possible to merge one COPR repo into another.
> It is possible to add another yum repo into build dependencies in COPR
> but it usually mean you will need to enable 2nd repo for installation of
> freeipa as well.

The script I wrote to manage the IPA repo entire purpose is to pull
packages from diverse locations and merge them into one single unified
repo. We call this the repo builder.

The way this system currently works is the repo builder listens for
messages from any number of builders, when it receives a message a new
build is available it merges the new package into the repo. To be more
precise it actually merges all the different OS versions, arches,
debuginfo, multilib etc. to produce one single repo whose layout is
identical to a Fedora repo. This is how we get a one-stop shopping repo
for users to point to.

My contribution to this process does not include doing any builds,
instead my repo and the script that drives it assembles a unified repo
from builds others do. I though Copr was capable of doing essentially
the same thing, but at the same time doing the actual builds. If Copr
cannot assemble an entire repo tree of OS's, arches, debuginfo,
multilib, etc, then that is a big missing piece which already
implemented and has been working well.


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