On 11/14/2014 02:25 PM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
On 14.11.2014 14:08, Petr Viktorin wrote:
On 11/14/2014 01:18 PM, Petr Vobornik wrote:

Nope, defaults are filled in by the client. (And also on the server if
they're still missing; it's part of the common validation.)

IMHO this is quite unfortunate behavior which may also fail horribly if
there is a newer client and an older server -> backwards compatibility
is on API level, not CLI level. Defaults should be filled by server, not
a client.  We should seriously reconsider the design of our CLI. But
that's for different, future discussion.

You can't use a newer client with an older server, you get a
VersionError in that case.

And that's bad because, IMHO, this case may be more common that a newer
server and an older client, e.g., RHEL 6.5 server and Fedora 21 client.

Feel free to file a ticket. But yes, redesigning the API is not exactly
a priority.

That's said and given the circumstances, it is easier and cleaner to
return the --qrcode back as no_param now than to deal with potential
future issues.

What's the reason to break the CLI by making it no_param?

Sorry I meant, no_option, there is no no_param. Because it returns it
back to Nathaniel's argument about interactive session and I agree with
it. Why would we have both --no-qrcode and --qrcode options available on

It breaks the CLI, and for that there should be a better reason than "it looks bad". The CLI is an interface as well.


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