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Regarding the patchset itself:

Patch 0001: fix 'wuld' in the commit message. The rest is fine.


Patch 0002:
 - ticket number is missing in the commit message


 - perhaps, an instruction how to regenerate asn1 code can be made a
   Makefile target? We don't need to call it ourselves but this would
   simplify things in future

Added make regenerate target to asn1c makefile

 - I'm little uncomfortable how ASN_DEBUG() output goes explicitly to
   stderr but I guess this is something we currently cannot override
   with DS-specific log printing, so no big deal right now

ASN_DEBUG() is currently disabled as EMIT_ASN_DEBUG is undefined, we can
later provide a replacement ASN_DEBUG function to hook debugging, but
given the same code is used in both DS plugins and ipa-getkeytab binary
I did not want to assume anything, and how to wire it up (if we even want
to) should probably be discussed at a later time.

 - any specific need to get asn1/compile committed? We don't commit it
   in the client code (ipa-client/compile).

Added 'compile' to .gitignore in second patch

Patch 0003: OK

Nothing changed here.

I also remembered the patch naming policy :-) so new patch names/numbers
are 514,515,516, third revision.
Thanks. The only complaint I have left is number of whitespace errors that git
says are in the 515th patch.

Otherwise, ACK. I've tested it again and everything works except getting
stronger than asked TGT enctype but this is not an issue with getkeytab
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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