On 11/20/2014 05:13 PM, Nathaniel McCallum wrote:
> This tests the general workflow for OTP including most possible
> token combinations. This includes 5872 tests. Further optimization
> is possible to reduce the number of duplicate tests run.

Good job! Yup, heavy optimization will be needed later.

> Things not yet tested:
> * ipa-kdb

Here you would just call kinit instead if LDAP BIND, right?

> * ipa-otpd

How would ipa-otpd tested? Wouldn't it be tested if simple kinit is made
instead of direct LDAP BIND?

> * otptoken-sync

Petr1 can help to provide a Web UI test for this area. Or alternatively for the
test we could use the LDAP extended operation directly, right?

> * RADIUS proxy
> * token self-management
> * type specific attributes


What about password changes with OTP, can it be also covered?

Also, note that the freeipa-tests would suddenly grow a python-pyotp
dependency, this should be considered.


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