Dne 1.12.2014 v 19:25 Petr Vobornik napsal(a):
On 12/01/2014 02:33 PM, Jan Cholasta wrote:

Dne 1.12.2014 v 14:17 Petr Vobornik napsal(a):
`--hosts` option added to:
* service-allow-create-keytab
* service-allow-retrieve-keytab
* service-disallow-create-keytab
* service-disallow-retrieve-keytab
* host-allow-create-keytab
* host-allow-retrieve-keytab
* host-disallow-create-keytab
* host-disallow-retrieve-keytab

in order to allow hosts to retrieve keytab of their services or related
hosts as described on http://www.freeipa.org/page/V4/Keytab_Retrieval
design page


Since groups of users are supported with "group" members, we should
probably also support groups of hosts with "hostgroup" members, for

--hostgroup options added.

Thanks, ACK.

Fixed a typo in host.py:

+        label=_('Hosts Groups allowed to create keytab'),
and pushed to:
master: 026c9eca0920e92e56148b808c851e9bde00ece8
ipa-4-1: 1108e7145538f84da2e0dfdf4fb0e76583575dd2

I'm pondering how to handle Web UI. I'm not font of adding a third pair
of tables to host and service details pages because the amount of space
on the page required for the keytab management is much bigger than its
importance compared to other fields.


Jan Cholasta

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