I am forwarding my conversation with the Noriko from Fedora localization team to the devel list, see below. What do you guys think? Any concerns with moving FreeIPA translations from Transifex to Zanata? SSSD project is moving there as well.

The move has +1 from me, the Zanata platform looks great, many projects are migrating to it AND it is open source (unlike Transifex).

The actual migration should be pretty straightforward. Tomas Babej already volunteered to take care of the localization process. The Fedora localization team will help with any Zanata specifics, so it should be pretty smooth move.


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(2015年01月08日 21:07), Martin Kosek wrote:
On 01/08/2015 01:22 AM, Ding Yi Chen wrote:
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On 01/06/2015 08:14 AM, Ding Yi Chen wrote:

The migration of the "freeipa-guide" project translations to Zanata is now
Translators can start working now at

To use Zanata, you need to
1. Register in https://fedora.zanata.org
2. If you are not the maintainer of your project yet, contact the admin to
add you as maintainer.
3. Follow the instruction http://zanata.org/help/cli/cli-configuration/ to
set up client.
4. Place the attached zanata.xml, in the root directory of repository
5. (Optional) Integrate "zanata push" and "zanata pull" to your buildscript

If you have any questions or need us to provide patches, feel free to
contact the Zanata dev team.


Hello Ding Yi,

Personally, I do not think we should have these translation projects enabled
either in Transifex, nor in Zanata to avoid contributions to an orphaned,

The history and reasoning around orphaning FreeIPA upstream guide can be


Dear Martin,

Just wondering should we migrate the FreeIPA  as well?

It seems freeipa-python is still an active package.


I was already thinking about it too. I am not sure what you mean by
freeipa-python, it is just one subpackage of the FreeIPA project. The FreeIPA
Transifex translation project is:


And yes, the FreeIPA project is quite active :-)

Just like FESCo, I am personally open to migrating it to Zanata. But I would
like to have this proposal also agreed on the FreeIPA upstream development list
so that it is not decided behind developers' backs. Can you (or whoever will
help with transition) please ask on the freeipa-devel mailing list with this
proposal? Or do you use different process?

Thank you,

Hi Martin

I am Noriko Mizumoto, FLSCo member.
We, FLP (Fedora Localization Project), decided to move our interface
from Transifex to Zanata.
I have had the meetings with the leaders from Docs team, Web team as
well FESCo [1] in 2014, and our decision has been supported by them.
This means that All translators move to Zanata to work on Fedora related
translation. All Fedora projects including Software, Documentation and
Websites are requested to move to Zanata.

I understand that FreeIPA is Upstream and is not bound by this. But I
like to encourage your project team to consider the move, since all
Fedora projects as well many of Upstream projects will move to Zanata
from Transifex. The detailed background can be found in the FESCo ticket
[1]. The migration schedule can be found in the wiki page [2].
The announcement has been made at devel-announce ML in Nov 2014, asking
the developers' to take an action [3].

It is much appreciated that if you can coordinate the discussion with
the freeipa-devel team.
Once the decision is made, could you please advise me so that I will
make sure to inform your project's decision to all Fedora translators.
We are looking at to complete entire projects migration by February
2015, minimizing the impact to F22.

Any question, please feel free to ask.



FLSCo member
Fedora Localization Project

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