On 09/01/15 14:43, David Kupka wrote:
On 01/07/2015 04:15 PM, Martin Basti wrote:
On 07/01/15 12:27, David Kupka wrote:

Thank you for patch:

-        root_logger.error("Cannot update DNS records! "
-                          "Failed to connect to server '%s'.", server)
+        ips = get_local_ipaddresses()
+    except CalledProcessError as e:
+        root_logger.error("Cannot update DNS records. %s" % e)

IMO the error message should be more specific,  add there something like
"Unable to get local IP addresses". at least in log.debug()

+    lines = ipresult[0].replace('\\', '').split('\n')

.replace() is not needed

+    if len(ips) == 0:

if not ips:

is more pythonic by PEP8

Thanks for catching these. Updated patch attached.

merciful NACK

Thank you for the patch, unfortunately I hit one issue which needs to be resolved.

If "sync PTR" is activated in zone settings, and reverse zone doesn't exists, nsupdate/BIND returns SERVFAIL and ipa-client-install print Error message, 'DNS update failed'. In fact, all A/AAAA records was succesfully updated, only PTR records failed.

Bind log:
named-pkcs11[28652]: updating zone 'example.com/IN': adding an RR at 'vm-101.example.com' AAAA

named-pkcs11[28652]: PTR record synchronization (addition) for A/AAAA 'vm-101.example.com.' refused: unable to find active reverse zone for IP address '2620:52:0:104c:21a:4aff:fe10:4eaa': not found

With IPv6 we have several addresses from different reverse zones and this situation may happen often.
I suggest following:
1) Print list of addresses which will be updated. (Now if update fails, user needs to read log, which addresses installer tried to update)
2) Split nsupdates per A/AAAA record.
3a) If failed, check with DNS query if A/AAAA and PTR record are there and print proper error message 3b) Just print A/AAAA (or PTR) record may not be updated for particular IP address.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Martin Basti

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