On 25/02/15 17:15, Petr Spacek wrote:
On 24.2.2015 19:10, Martin Basti wrote:
Hello all,

please read the design page, any objections/suggestions appreciated
Thank you for the design, I have only few nitpicks.

Increase update files numbers range
Update files number will be extended into 4 digits values.
IMHO the dependency on particular number format should be removed altogether.
It should be perfectly enough to say that updates are executed in ASCII
lexicographic order and be done with it.
4.1.3-2 > 4.1.3-12 in lexicographic order, this will not fit.

To resolve issues mentioned above only one command should do upgrade: 
I very much agree with this.

ipa-server-upgrade characteristics
4. LDAP data update (+ update plugins)
5. upgrade configuration
At this point I would appreciate explanatory text what is 'LDAP data update'
and what is 'upgrade configuration'. Maybe some examples could be enough.
LDAP data update == upgrading data stored in LDAP (user data + cn=config)
upgrade configuration == upgrading configuration of services in filesystem (apache, named)

I will add some explanation there.

ipactl checks if installed version and version stored in LDAP are the same:
ipactl start|restart option --force overrides this check.
I would like to see a separate option. --force currently skips rollback if
some services could not start but this is fundamentally different from
version/upgrade checks.
Ohh, good catch thank you, maybe --skip-version-check ?

--version       show program's version number and exit
Maybe it could print code version + data version (if available). It could be
handy debugging tool.
Good idea thanks
--test  Note: for developing only
Is it really worth the effort to keep the option and invest more time in it?

I do not expect any extra effort (except fixing 3 plugins - 6 lines of code approx), so if it will help to develop updates it could stay there (personally I do not use it, usually updates broke during write to server on some constraints)

Thank you for you nitpicks.

Martin Basti

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