I almost forgot to ask. Since you don't point it out, I am assuming (yeah I
know) the plugin code methods have not changed from 3.3 to 4.1? That is to
day I should be able to use the same techniques?

Thanks again!


On Fri, Mar 6, 2015 at 3:51 AM, Petr Vobornik <pvobo...@redhat.com> wrote:

> On 03/06/2015 03:54 AM, Corey Kovacs wrote:
>> After reading the extending freeipa training document I was able
>> successfully add  us to meet attributes and add/modify them using the cli
>> which was pretty cool. Now that I got the cli out of the way I want to add
>> the fields to the ui. Because of the similarities between what I want to
>> do
>> and the example given in the docs I just followed along and changed
>> variables where it made sense to do so. I cannot however get the new field
>> to show up.  The Apache logs don't show any errors but they do show the
>> plugin being read as the page (user details) is loaded. After searching
>> around I found a document which attempts to explain the process but it
>> assumes some knowledge held by the reader which I don't possess.
>> It looks like I  supposed to create some sort of index loader which loads
>> all of the modules which are part of the plugin. I can't seem to find any
>> good documents telling the whole process or least non that I can make
>> sense
>> of.
> Plugin could be just one file, if the plugin name is "myplugin" it has to
> be:
>  /usr/share/ipa/ui/js/plugins/myplugin/myplugin.js
> IPA Web UI uses AMD module format:
> - https://dojotoolkit.org/documentation/tutorials/1.10/modules/
> - http://requirejs.org/docs/whyamd.html#amd
> I have some example plugins here:
> - https://pvoborni.fedorapeople.org/plugins/
> For your case I would look at:
> - https://pvoborni.fedorapeople.org/plugins/employeenumber/
> employeenumber.js
> Web UI basics and introspection:
> (this section is little redundant to your question, but it might help
> others)
> FreeIPA Web UI is semi declarative. That means that part of the pages
> could be thrown away, modified or extended by plugins before the page is
> constructed. To do that, one has to modify specification object of
> particular module.
> Here, I would assume that you don't have UI sources(before minification),
> so all introspection will be done in running web ui. Otherwise it's easier
> to inspect sources in install/ui/src/freeipa, i.e. checkout ipa-3-3 branch
> from upstream git.
> List of modules could be find(after authentication) in browse developer
> tools console in object:
>   window.require.cache
> or (depends on IPA version)
>   window.dojo.config.cache
> One can then obtain the module by:
>   var user_module = require('freeipa/user')
> specification object is usually in 'entity_spec' or '$enity_name_spec'
> property.
>   user_module.entity_spec
> UI is internally organized into entities. Entity corresponds to ipalib
> object. Entity, e.g. user, usually have multiple pages called facets. To
> get a list of facets:
>   user_module.entity_spec.facets
> The one with fields has usually a name "details". For users it's the
> second facet:
>   var details_facet = user_module.entity_spec.facets[1]
> IF i simplify it a bit, we can say that fields on a page are organized in
> sections:
>   details_facet.sections
> Section has fields. A field usually represents an editable element on
> page, e.g. a textbox with label, validators and other stuff.
> Example of inspection:
> https://pvoborni.fedorapeople.org/images/inspect_ui.png
> Your goal is to pick a section, or create a new one an add a field there.
> To know what to define, just examine a definition of already existing field
> and just amend name, label, ...
>  It would help also to understand how to debug such a thing.
> In browser developer tools. There is javascript console (use in the text
> above), javascript debugger, network tab for inspecting loaded files.
> For developing RHEL 7 plugin, I would suggest you to install test instance
> of FreeIPA 3.3 and use "Debugging with source codes" method described in:
> - https://pvoborni.fedorapeople.org/doc/#!/guide/Debugging
> Some tips:
> - if you get a weird dojo loader messegate, you probably have a syntax
> error in the plugin or you don't return a plugin object or the plugin could
> not be loaded (bad name)
> - it's good to use some JavaScript liner - jsl or jshint to catch syntax
> errors early.
>  I  running version 3.3 on rhel 7. Any help or pointers to more
>> documentation would be greatly appreciated.
> --
> Petr Vobornik
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