I would like to discuss Generic support for unknown DNS RR types (RFC 3597
[0]). Here is the proposal:

LDAP schema
- 1 new attribute:
( <OID> NAME 'GenericRecord' DESC 'unknown DNS record, RFC 3597' EQUALITY
caseIgnoreIA5Match SYNTAX )

The attribute should be added to existing idnsRecord object class as MAY.

This new attribute should contain data encoded according to ​RFC 3597 section
5 [5]:

The RDATA section of an RR of unknown type is represented as a
   sequence of white space separated words as follows:

      The special token \# (a backslash immediately followed by a hash
      sign), which identifies the RDATA as having the generic encoding
      defined herein rather than a traditional type-specific encoding.

      An unsigned decimal integer specifying the RDATA length in octets.

      Zero or more words of hexadecimal data encoding the actual RDATA
      field, each containing an even number of hexadecimal digits.

   If the RDATA is of zero length, the text representation contains only
   the \# token and the single zero representing the length.

Examples from RFC:
      a.example.   CLASS32     TYPE731         \# 6 abcd (
                                               ef 01 23 45 )
      b.example.   HS          TYPE62347       \# 0
      e.example.   IN          A               \# 4 0A000001
      e.example.   CLASS1      TYPE1 

Open questions about LDAP format
Should we include "\#" constant? We know that the attribute contains record in
RFC 3597 syntax so it is not strictly necessary.

I think it would be better to follow RFC 3597 format. It allows blind
copy&pasting from other tools, including direct calls to python-dns.

It also eases writing conversion tools between DNS and LDAP format because
they do not need to change record values.

Another question is if we should explicitly include length of data represented
in hexadecimal notation as a decimal number. I'm very strongly inclined to let
it there because it is very good sanity check and again, it allows us to
re-use existing tools including parsers.

I will ask Uninett.no for standardization after we sort this out (they own the
OID arc we use for DNS records).

Attribute usage
Every DNS RR type has assigned a number [1] which is used on wire. RR types
which are unknown to the server cannot be named by their mnemonic/type name
because server would not be able to do name->number conversion and to generate
DNS wire format.

As a result, we have to encode the RR type number somehow. Let's use attribute

E.g. a record with type 65280 and hex value 0A000001 will be represented as:
GenericRecord;TYPE65280: \# 4 0A000001

$ ipa dnsrecord-add zone.example owner \
  --generic-type=65280 --generic-data='\# 4 0A000001'

$ ipa dnsrecord-show zone.example owner
Record name: owner
TYPE65280 Record: \# 4 0A000001

ACK? :-)

Related tickets

[0] http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3597
[5] http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3597#section-5

Petr^2 Spacek

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