On 03/18/2015 01:42 PM, Martin Kosek wrote:
On 03/18/2015 01:11 PM, Martin Basti wrote:
On 12/03/15 17:30, Martin Basti wrote:
On 12/03/15 17:08, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Martin Basti wrote:
On 12/03/15 16:22, Rob Crittenden wrote:
David Kupka wrote:
On 03/06/2015 04:52 PM, Martin Basti wrote:
This upgrade step is not used anymore.

Required by: https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/4904

Patch attached.

Looks and works good to me, ACK.
Is this going away because one can simply create an update file that
exists alphabetically before the schema update? If so then ACK.

No this never works, and will not work without changes in DS, I was
discussing this with DS guys. If you add new replica to schema, the
schema has to be there before data replication.


That's a rather narrow case though. You could make changes that only
affect existing schema, or something in cn=config.

Let summarize this:
* It is unused code
* we have schema update to modify schema (is there any extra requirement to
modify schema before schema update? I though the schema update replace old
schema with new)
* it is not usable on new replicas (why to modify up to date schema?, why to
modify new configuration?)
* we can not use this to update data
* only way how we can us this is to change non-replicating data, on current

However, might there be really need to update cn=config before schema update?


IMO this patch can be pushed.

It removes the unused and broken code. To implement this feature we need design
it in proper way first.

Is there any objections?
Works for me, if it was broken anyway and there is no use case for it, yet.

Pushed to master: d3f5d5d1ff5a730d5c268456015fee36a7dc5bff

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