On 04/07/2015 05:46 PM, Martin Basti wrote:
On 07/04/15 17:06, Gabe Alford wrote:
Stupid me. I realized that chronyd was running which messed up my
testing and such (sorry about that). New patch attached that
implements 'else'

On Tue, Apr 7, 2015 at 2:32 AM, Martin Basti <mba...@redhat.com
<mailto:mba...@redhat.com>> wrote:

    On 02/04/15 17:47, Gabe Alford wrote:
    On Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 8:59 AM, Martin Basti <mba...@redhat.com
    <mailto:mba...@redhat.com>> wrote:

        On 30/03/15 15:25, Gabe Alford wrote:

        With the merging of ticket 4842
        <https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/4842>, I believe
        that half of ticket 3092
        <https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/3092> has been
        done. This patch just adds a message that says that NTP
        configuration was skipped which I believe should finish 3092



        Hello, thank you for the patch.

        IMO there should be:
        if *not* options.conf_ntp

    So, if --no-ntp is not specified, print message that the client
    is skipping NTP sync?
    Yes, or did I miss something? I though the message should be shown
    only if --no-ntp option is used.

    With your current patch:

    # ipa-client-install --no-ntp
    <no ntp related output>
    <no INFO msg: skipping...>

    # ipa-client-install
    <output omitted />
    Attempting to sync time using ntpd.  Will timeout after 15 seconds
    Unable to sync time with IPA NTP server, assuming the time is in
    sync. Please check that 123 UDP port is opened.
    Skipping synchronizing time with IPA NTP server.
    <output omitted />

    But in this case the client did synchronization with NTP (which
    failed), IMO the message "Skipping ..." should not be there.
    This message is shown even the synchronization with NTP is

        wouldnt be better to use just else?

    I actually ran ipa-client-install with no options on a system
    where I used 'else', and it printed the skipping NTP sync when it
    should not have.
    That is why the patch does not use 'else'.
    Interesting, I expected the messages only on client installed on
    IPA server, or with using --no-ntp option


        --         Martin Basti

    --     Martin Basti

Thank you!

Pushed to master: e537fd202e23a507dd0c43d2dfdf88fd6921e183
Petr Vobornik

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