On 04/20/2015 09:10 AM, Petr Spacek wrote:
On 17.4.2015 17:16, thierry bordaz wrote:

    User life cycle uses a new DS aci right: moddn. This right comes
    with two new target keywords (target_to and target_from).
    permission plugins should support those new target keywords and so
    those attributes need to be defined in the schema 60basev3.ldif.

    When adding new attributes in that schema, I should pick new OIDs.
    Is it ok to pick the next ones available in ds-oids/08-FreeIPA.txt
I would say that these ACI-related attributes should be assigned from DS-core
OID arc (assuming that this ACI is not FreeIPA-specific and will be available
in core 389 DS).
Thanks Petr.
I wanted to allow new FreeIPA specific attributes to the definition of 'ipaPermissionV2' objectclass.
So it is Freeipa-core OIDs.

My understanding is that when the patch on 60baseV3.ldif will be reviewed, I will consequently update/push 08-FreeIPA.txt changes.


    (rhanana) and what is review process for changes in 08-FreeIPA.txt ?
Use your best judgment :-) Definitions will be reviewed later when LDIF with
it is sent as a patch to freeipa-devel list.

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