On 04/21/2015 10:49 AM, Ludwig Krispenz wrote:

On 04/20/2015 06:00 PM, thierry bordaz wrote:
On 04/13/2015 10:56 AM, Ludwig Krispenz wrote:

in the attachment you find the latest state of the "topology plugin", it implements what is defined in the design page: http://www.freeipa.org/page/V4/Manage_replication_topology (which is also waiting for a reviewer)

It contains the plugin itself and a core of ipa commands to manage a topology. to be really applicable, some work outside is required, eg the management of the domain level and a decision where the binddn group should be maintained.


Hello Ludwig,

Quite long review to do. So far I only looked at the startup phase and I have only few questions and comments.
Thanks for your time, and I'm looking forward to your review of the other parts, you raise some valid points. I'll try to answer some of them inline, but will integrate some into a next version of the patch

In ipa_topo_start, do you need to get argc/argv as you are not using plugin-argxx attributes ?
no. It was a leftover from a "standard" plugin

topo_plugin_conf configuration parameters are not freed when the plugin is closed. Is it closed only at shutdown ?
Also I would initiatlize it to {NULL}.
So far it is not planned to be dynamic, but I will addres the memory management

In case the config does not contain any nsslapd-topo-plugin-shared-replica-root, I wonder if ipa_topo_apply_shared_config may crash as shared_replica_root will be NULL. or at least in ipa_topo_apply_shared_replica_config/ipa_topo_util_get_replica_conf.

Also if nsslapd-topo-plugin-shared-replica-root contains an invalid root suffix (typo), topoRepl remains NULL and ipa_topo_util_get_replica_conf/ipa_topo_cfg_replica_add can crash.
for the two comments above, I was assuming that plugin conf and shared tree would be setup by ipa tools and server setup, so assuming only valid data, but you are right, checking for bad data doesn't hurt.

In ipa_topo_util_segment_from_entry, if the config entry has no direction/left/right it will crash. Shouldn't it return an error if the config is invalid.
adding a segment should be done with the ipa command 'ipa topologysegment-add ...' and this always provides a direction (param or default). If you try to add a segment directly, direction is a required attribute of teh segment objectclass, so it should be rejected-

The update of domainLevel may start the plugin. If two mods update the domainLevel they could be done in parallele.
yes :-(

In ipa_topo_util_update_agmt_list, if there is a marked agmnt but no segment it deletes the agreement. Is it possible there is a segment but no agmnt ? For example, if the server were stopped or crashed after the segment was created but before the local config was updated.
then it should be created from the segment

Hosts are taken from shared config tree (cn=masters,<cfg>), is it possible to have a replica agreement to a host that is not under 'cn=masters,<cfg>'
yes, it will be ignored by the plugin


Hi Ludwig,

I continued the review of the design/topology plugin code. This is really an interesting plugin but unfortunately I have not yet reviewed all the parts.

I went through the design and digging the related parts in the code. So far I need to review the rest starting at http://www.freeipa.org/page/V4/Manage_replication_topology#connectivity_management.

I think I did ~50% design but may be more than 50% of the code.

Here are additional points:

   in ipa_topo_set_domain_level, you may record the new Domain level
   value as FATAL (it is already recorded in case of oneline import)

   ipa_topo_be_state_change is called for any backend going online.
   Domain level and start should be done only for a backend mapping a
   Also the plugin can be started many times (each online init),
        ipa_topo_util_start is not protected by a lock
        Some fields will leak (in ipa_topo_init_shared_config)
   Also I wonder if you reinit several times the same replica-root, its
   previous config will leak. (replica->repl_segments)

   In ipa_topo_apply_shared_replica_config,
   I do not see where replica_config is kept (leak ?)

   ipa_topo_util_start/ipa_topo_apply_shared_config is called at
   startup or during online-init.
   For online-init, if the plugin was already active, what is the need
   of calling ipa_topo_util_start ?
   For online-init, It initializes all the replica-root. Could it init
   only the reinitialized replic-root ?

   it mentions ipaReplTopoConfigMaster.
   Is it implemented  ?

   what happens if a server under cn=masters is removed ?

   There is a segment cn=111_to_102. For example it was created by
   vm-111 when topology plugin starts with 'dc=example,dc=com' .
   What prevents vm-102 topology plugins to create the segment
   cn=102_to_111 ?

   in ipa_topo_post_mod.
   Is it 100% that if we have 'cn=replica
   example,cn=topology,dc=example,dc=com' then it exists the related
   config in topo_shared_conf.replicas.
   In ipa_topo_util_get_replica_conf, it is looking like the entry can
   exist before the related config is added.
   In that case when modifying a segment
   ipa_topo_util_get_conf_for_segment will return 'tconf' config that
   is not linked in topo_shared_conf.replicas  tconf will leak and I am
   unsure the post_mod is fully processed.

   In ipa_topo_post_mod
   in ipa_topo_util_segment_update if the
   segment.ipaReplTopoSegmentDirection was "none" and MOD set it to
   "both", segment->right/left are not set but it is said to be

   ipaReplTopoSegmentStatus: can not find it in the design

   in ipa_topo_util_existing_agmts_update, my understanding is that a
   host only updates its local replica agreement.
   So even if the segment update is replicated, others hosts will not
   skip updates where ->origin is not themself.
   I think you may add a comment about this as it looks an important thing.
   Also I did not find this comment in the design but may be I missed it.

   in ipa_topo_util_existing_agmts_update, it applies the mods on left
   or on right. That means we do not support serveral instance on the
   same machine. I also missed that point in the design.

   in ipa_topo_agmt_mod, it does nothing when deleting a managed
   attribute ?

   in ipa_topo_agmt_mod, if update of the replica agreement fails
   (ipa_topo_agreement_dn or ipa_topo_util_modify) you may log a message

   in ipa_topo_agmt_mod, if the mod is not related to any managed
   attribute, there is no replica agreement update but the 'dn' is not

   in ipa_topo_post_mod, I do not see 'domainLevel' in the schema. Is
   it stored in an extensible object ?

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