On 04/28/2015 10:23 AM, David Kupka wrote:
On 04/16/2015 01:00 PM, thierry bordaz wrote:

    Here is the next patch for User life cycle that introduces
    del/mod/find and show stageuser plugin commands.

  * 0000-User Life Cycle (create containers and scoping  DS plugins):
  * 0001-User-Life-Cycle-Exclude-subtree-for-ipaUniqueID-gene.patch:
  * 0002-User-life-cycle-stageuser-add-verb.patch: *pushed*
  * 0007-User-life-cycle-allows-MODRDN-from-ldap2.patch: *pushed*
  * 0003-User-life-cycle-new-stageuser-commands-del-mod-find-*under
    review *(this one)**
  * 0004-User-life-cycle-new-stageuser-commands-activate.patch
  * 0005-User-life-cycle-new-stageuser-commands-activate-prov.patch
  * 0006-User-life-cycle-user-del-supports-permanently-preser.patch
  * 0008-User-life-cycle-user-find-support-finding-delete-use.patch
  * 0009-User-life-cycle-support-of-user-undel.patch
  * 0010-User-life-cycle-DNA-DS-plugin-should-exclude-provisi.patch
  * 0011-User-life-cycle-lockout-provisioning-stage-and-delet.patch
  * 0012-User-life-cycle-Create-stage-Admin-provisioning-acco.patch
  * 0013-User-life-cycle-Stage-Admin-permission-priviledge.patch


Hi Thierry,
thanks for the patch, the code looks good to me but there is probably a bug in ACIs. After creating a stage user and setting password for him I can kinit as the stage user. I'm unable to login to the IPA client and id command for this stage user responds "no such user" but I can kinit and invoke ipa commands.

0. build freeipa with your patch
1. # ipa-server-install
2. $ kinit admin
3. $ ipa stageuser-add suser0 --first Stage --last User --password
4. $ kdestroy
5. $ kinit suser0
6. $ ipa user-find

Prints out list of ipa users.

kinit fails with "suser0@... not found in Kerberos database"

Hi David,

Thank you so much for having looked at this patch :-)
You are right. The Staging users (as well as the Delete users) are not lockout in that patch. The patch 0011-User-life-cycle-lockout-provisioning-stage-and-delet.patch will take care of this.

Do you prefer that I merged the two patches right now ?

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