On 05/07/2015 01:38 PM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
On 02/19/2015 03:51 PM, Petr Vobornik wrote:

For ipa-4-1 apply:
- patch 800 (different thread)
- patches 801-806

For master apply:
- patch 800 (different thread)
- patch 807 (different thread)
- patch 801-master
- patches 802-806

Patch 801 allows to use ipalib rpc client in Web UI test suite.
Patches 802-805 are various ui_driver fixes to allow stuff in patch 806.

== [PATCH] 806 webui-ci: otptoken tests ==

Basic otptoken Web UI CI coverage.

* crud for otptokens as admin
* crud for normal users
* checks fields of adder dialog for both token types and user role
* token actions as admin (enable, disable, delete)
* token actions as normal user (delete)
* login as normal user with hotp and totp token
* sync token hotp and totp token as normal user and then login


== [PATCH] 805 webui-ci: allow custom names for disable/enable actions ==

Not all disable and enable actions are called 'disable' and 'enable'.

== [PATCH] 804 webui-ci: allow to update pkey in post-add in basic-crud
  tests ==

== [PATCH] 803 webui-ci: add post_add_action ==

post add action allows to fill autogenerated values, e.g. a pkey of new

This value can be then used in other subsequent test which would depend
on it - like crud tests.

== [PATCH] 802 webui-ci: fix negative visibility check ==

Allow to define, that element doesn't have to be present on a page for
negative visible checks.

E.g. if element is added only if it's displayed and is removed otherwise.

== [PATCH] 801 webui-ci: support direct IPA API calls ==

Add IPA API support to ui_driver. It leverages new ipalib RPC client's
forms based authentication. It then allows to call an IPA API while
the machine is not an IPA client nor is kerberized.

api's environment values are taken from test configuration and
therefore duplication in ~/.ipa/default.conf is not required.

Since the machine doesn't have to be IPA client, it then also doesn't
have nss database with IPA's CA certificate. Therefore on each API
initialization a new NSS database is created with a CA certificate
downloaded from IPA. This db is deleted in tearDown phase.


1. as admin one can immediately call rpc commands, api will be
initialized upon first request and is available under self.api
(assuming self is ui_driver):
   self.api.Command.user_del(USER_ID, **{'continue': True})

2. to reconnect as other user:
   self.reconnect_api(USER_ID, USER_PW)

3. reconnect back as admin:

Patch #803 needed rebase.

Hi, thanks for the patches.

Please, fix pep8 complaints in 803, 805 and 806.
Also, change the header in 806 to the shorter version, please.

# Copyright (C) 2015  FreeIPA Contributors see COPYING for license

Patches 801, 802 and 804 look good to me.
The test cases in 806 look good to me as well.

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