Hi list,

while drafting the test cases I have realized I don't know
how to approach $SUBJ. Is there any agreed on place
or 'best practices' for the data that is needed for the testing?
What I need for the test is to have a text file/s and pass
them as arguments to the command.
It is not feasible to have the data with the test source code
in one file.

One possible scenario is:

etc. (emphasis on directory)

or a place dedicated for data of all of the tests such as:

or droping the data files along the test source.

For me the first option looks more sane (less maintenance.
separated from the code, though).

A note from mkosek:
mkosek@balmora [ ~/freeipa ]$ find -type d -name "data"

OTOH, test_pkcs10 has its CSRs in the directory with the test,
test_install is similar to pkcs10.

Can I get your thoughts on this, please?


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