On 05/13/2015 12:07 PM, Martin Basti wrote:
On 12/05/15 16:54, David Kupka wrote:
On 05/12/2015 02:16 PM, Martin Basti wrote:
On 12/05/15 13:53, David Kupka wrote:
DogtagInstance.enable() overrides Service.enable() and does nothing
usefulll. Also removing it solves bug discovered recently in uninstall

this is used in step() call, which means the tomcatd will be enabled in
systemd, and we do not want this.
Services should be disabled and managed just by ipactl.

Which method now store state of tomcatd before IPA changes it?

To solve this please rename method to, for example, store_state(), and
add appropriate description, or put backup_state() call into different
appropriate step.


Thanks for catching that, updated patch attached.

I discussed this with Honza, and would be better to remove the enable
sysrestore status at all, because it is just IPA instance of CA, and
instance with the same name cannot be there otherwise installation will
fail, so there is no reason to store status.

Patch attached, untested.

Thanks, this works too and probably looks better, ACK.

David Kupka

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