On 05/18/2015 02:51 PM, Ludwig Krispenz wrote:
> Hi,
> for our docs on the wiki there is a table of contents, which is created from
> the section headers an the sections in the table of contents are automatically
> numbered, eg
> 1. first chapter
> 1.1 subchapter
> 1.2 next sub
> 2. second
> but in the body of the document these numbers are not there by default, so 
> when
> scrolling thru  a larger document the level of a chapter is lost.
> There are two options to change this
> - change your user profile to keep the numbering in the document body
> - change the site profile, so that the numbering is always preserverd (can
> probably induvidually turne off again).
> Does anyone oppose to change the default ?

I am not sure this is the right question - as no answers would mean we want to
do this rather drastic change :-)

This is the respective information from Mediawiki side:

I am personally cautious about just changing the default as this is not a way
what big wiki sites use and I was also afraid it would change not only design
pages, but also our title page for example, as it uses sections too.

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