Dne 19.5.2015 v 13:50 Fraser Tweedale napsal(a):
On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 10:52:49AM +0200, Jan Cholasta wrote:
Dne 15.5.2015 v 14:27 Martin Basti napsal(a):
On 15/05/15 10:24, Fraser Tweedale wrote:
Please find attached latest patches including new patches:

- 0006 enable LDAP-based profiles in Dogtag on upgrade
- 0007 import included profiles during install or upgrade

There is one TODO in the patches where some more code is needed on
Dogtag side, and another TODO (not in patches) to migrate
caIPAserviceCert profile to DefaultService profile and switch to
using DefaultService for cerificate issuance (as the default

Jan and Martin, further comments to earlier reviews inline.


On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 10:39:55AM +0200, Jan Cholasta wrote:
Dne 13.5.2015 v 10:36 Martin Basti napsal(a):
On 13/05/15 10:06, Jan Cholasta wrote:

Dne 5.5.2015 v 10:38 Martin Basti napsal(a):
On 05/05/15 08:29, Fraser Tweedale wrote:
On Mon, May 04, 2015 at 06:35:45PM +0200, Martin Basti wrote:
On 04/05/15 15:36, Fraser Tweedale wrote:

Please review the first cut of the 'certprofile' command and other
changes associated with the Certificate Profiles feature[1].

Custom profiles can't be used yet because 'cert-request' has not
been updated, but you can manage the profiles (find, show, import,
modify, delete).  There's a bit more work to do on profile
management and a lot more to do for using profiles and sub-CAs.  I
am tracking my progress on etherpad[2] so if you are reviewing
there for the TODO list and some commentary.

If you want to test: for f21, please use Dogtag from my copr[2].
For f22 the required version is in updates-testing (or my copr).

In summary: this is not the whole feature, just the first
part.  Since it is my first experience developing in the IPA
framework I want to get patches out so you can point out all the
things I did wrong or overlooked, and I can fix them. Don't hold
back :)

[1] http://www.freeipa.org/page/V4/Certificate_Profiles
[2] http://idm.etherpad.corp.redhat.com/rhel72-cert-mgmt-progress
[3] http://copr.fedoraproject.org/coprs/ftweedal/freeipa/

Thank you for patches, I have no idea what kind of dogtag magic is
there, but I have a few comments related to IPA:

Thanks for reviewing, Martin.  Comments inline.
You are welcome, comments inline.


+        config.set("CA", "pki_profiles_in_ldap", "True")

IMO this will work only for new installations. For upgrade you may
need to
add this to ipa-upgradeconfig


+dn: cn=certprofiles,cn=etc,$SUFFIX
+changetype: add
+objectClass: nsContainer
+objectClass: top
+cn: certprofiles

IMO this will work only for new installations. For upgrade you may
need to
add it into update file as well, with the 'default' keyword

I don't understand about the 'default' keyword - can you expain this
some more?
In an upgrade file:

dn: cn=certprofiles,cn=etc,$SUFFIX
default:objectClass: nsContainer
default:objectClass: top
default:cn: certprofiles
Maybe we should do what DNS does and have a container for CA specific
stuff in the suffix: cn=ca,$SUFFIX.

The container would be created only if CA is installed.

Certificate profile container would then be

I haven't changed this for the current patchset.  What are the
implications / motivations for changing it.

To have everything CA-specific in one place and created only when CA is
installed. This is consistent with DNS, the other optional IPA component.

OK, I'll change it.  Sub-CA data and Certificate Identity Mapping
settings could also be stored under there, when implemented.

Yes, Sub-CAs should also be stored there, but certificate identity mappings should work even without CA installed, so they should be stored somewhere else, like cn=etc.

Your patch 0004 will work on new installations only. You may need
to add
that new step into ipa-upgradeconfig.

Must be that step there during installation?
If not you can create just one update file, which will be
applied at
the end
of installation and during upgrade.

This change must be made to the Dogtag directory (not IPA) - can an
update file be used to do that?  If not, is ipa-upgradeconfig the
best place to make this change?
If it is change in LDAP, you can use updatefile:

dn: cn=aclResources,$SUFFIX
add:resourceACLS: certServer.profile.configuration:read,modify:allow
(read,modify) group="Certificate Manager Agents":Certificate Manager
agents may modify (create/update/delete) and read profiles

Please temporarily use my patch freeipa-mbasti-231-4, (which will be
pushed soon) to avoid issues with CSV
Note that this update should be done only if CA is installed.
In that case, you must create update plugins.
I would prefer a CAInstance method called during install and in
ipa-upgradeconfig. So more or less what Fraser already did, except the
ipa-upgradeconfig part.

Patch 0004 was updated and now has CAInstance method during install,
and ipa-upgradeconfig method for upgrade.

It would be better if you used the same CAInstance method both for install
and upgrade, instead of duplicating the code.

I will unify the logic in next patch set.

You shouldn't use the deprecated modify_s method of IPAdmin.

This is not very nice:

+    sysupgrade.set_upgrade_state(*upgrade_state_args + (True,))

Ok, I will repeat the arguments for get_upgrade_state and

Thanks. What you did is perfectly valid Python, but let's keep the code readable.

Other issues:
I do not see modifications in API.txt file

We use new shorter license header
# Copyright (C) 2015  FreeIPA Contributors see COPYING for license

+from ipalib.plugins.baseldap import \
+    LDAPObject, LDAPSearch, LDAPCreate, LDAPDelete, LDAPUpdate,

please use 'import ( modules, .. )' instead of '\'

+    if method == 'POST' \
+            and 'content-type' not in (str(k).lower() for k in

again, please use if ( ... ): instead \

+import  ipalib.errors as errors
in dogtag.py

Can you use from ipalib import errors, instead?

+    def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_value, traceback):
+        """Log out of the REST API"""
+        # TODO logout
+        self.cookie = None

This is forgotten, or will be this fixed later?

+            if not explanation: print resp_body  # NOCOMMIT

These are all fixed for the next patchset.


8) You can do:

            label=_('Profile ID'),
            doc=_('Profile ID for referring to this profile'),
            pattern_errmsg=_('invalid Profile ID'),

instead of:

    profile_id_pattern = re.compile('^[a-zA-Z]\w*$')

    def validate_profile_id(ugettext, value):
        """Ensure profile ID matches form required by CA."""
        if profile_id_pattern.match(value) is None:
            return _('invalid Profile ID')
            return None


        Str('cn', validate_profile_id,
            label=_('Profile ID'),
            doc=_('Profile ID for referring to this profile'),

This is nice, but I have kept the separate method so that the
cert-request command can use the same routine for validating the
profile id (this will be in a subsequent patch).

9) Please don't invent new attributes (ipaCertProfileSummary) when you
can use existing ones (description).

10) All the commands should call

11) I think the File parameter of certprofile_import should be called
just 'file'.

9, 10, 11 were addressed for this patchset.

12) IMO the profile backend should be merged in to the ra backend. I
don't see a need to have these two separate.


Jan Cholasta
Thank you.

I did part of review, again I have not idea about the dogtag magic
there, so I might be completely wrong.

Patches need rebase.

Patch 0001:
I'm not sure if this is added during upgrade
+        config.set("CA", "pki_profiles_in_ldap", "True")

Patch 0002:
LGTM (upgrade solved in 0005)

Patch 0003:
I have no idea.

Patch 0004:
Can you please let it in old school way, for better readability

sysupgrade.get_upgrade_state('dogtag', 'agent_allow_profile_modify')
sysupgrade.set_upgrade_state('dogtag', 'agent_allow_profile_modify' ,True)

+        conn = ipaldap.IPAdmin(self.fqdn, self.ds_port)
+        conn.do_simple_bind(DN(('cn', 'Directory Manager')),
+        conn.modify_s(dn, modlist)
+        conn.unbind()

IMO You can use:

Patch 0005:

Patch 0006:

Patch 0007:
  I cannot apply patch

error: invalid object 100755 c6c602dc6b4582c24e4ca751ab2f91f8e683dffa
for 'install/tools/ipa-upgradeconfig'
fatal: git-write-tree: error building trees
Repository lacks necessary blobs to fall back on 3-way merge.
Cannot fall back to three-way merge.
Patch failed at 0007 Import included profiles during install or upgrade

+        # update `api.env.ca_host` to correct hostname
+        # https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/4936
+        api.env.ca_host = host_name
This is something what was already fixed, maybe rebase error?

+    if setup_ca:
+        # ensure profile backend is available
+        import ipaserver.plugins.dogtag
Must be this import in ipa-server-install?
Respectively why is this import required, isn't it initialized by

+1, what are you trying to accomplish here?

Moving the `import ipaserver.plugins.dogtag` any earlier - even to
the line before `api.bootstrap(**cfg)` - fails with:

     AttributeError: 'Env' object has no attribute 'ra_plugin'

at ipaserver/plugins/dogtag.py:1271

     if api.env.ra_plugin != 'dogtag':

Not importing it prior to `api.finalize()` causes the Backend not be

     AttributeError: 'NameSpace' object has no attribute 'ra_certprofile'

at /sbin/ipa-server-install:1323, in main:


I am not familiar with the plugin loading so I am probably missing
something - if anyone knows how to handle this

This is because ipaserver plugins aren't automatically loaded in installers. I guess we can change that, as we alredy use ldap2 anyway.

The code responsible for this is API.bootstrap() in ipalib/__init__.py.

+        service.print_msg("Importing certificate profiles")
+        api.Backend.ra_certprofile._read_password()
+        if not api.Backend.ldap2.isconnected():
+            api.Backend.ldap2.connect(autobind=True)
+        ca.import_included_profiles()

Why this must be in ipa-server-install?
Why is that not in cainstance?


I should be able to move it back there.

I'm not sure if these functions can be removed:
Honza please take look, if it is safe

- def upgrade_ipa_profile(ca, domain, fqdn)

-            self.step("set certificate subject base",
-            self.step("enabling Subject Key Identifier",
-            self.step("enabling Subject Alternative Name",
-            self.step("enabling CRL and OCSP extensions for
certificates", self.__set_crl_ocsp_extensions)

'/usr/share/ipa/profiles/{}.cfg'.format(profile_id), sub_dict)

os.path.join(paths.USR_SHARE_IPA_DIR, 'profiles', <profile name>)
please use paths from ipaplatform.paths module.
Maybe rather create new path in ipaplatform/base/paths
USR_SHARE_IPA_PROFILES_DIR = "/usr/share/ipa/profiles"

In several patches:
+        except ipalib.errors.PublicError, e:
please us except ipalib.errors.PublicError as e

6) IPA currently uses the caIPAServiceCert profile. Why don't you import
this profile and instead create a new DefaultService profile?

DefaultService is exactly this profile - but now IPA owns it, not
Dogtag (https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/4002).  I called it
`DefaultService' because users will now be seeing and typing profile
IDs, and I thought `caIPAserviceCert' was a bit unfriendly.

Happy to change it back to `caIPAserviceCert' if that is the

I would prefer if the name stayed the same, for backward compatibility.

On upgrade you should import the original profile instead of the new one bundled with IPA, so that if the admins did some manual modifications, they won't lose them.

Thanks for your reviews!

Jan Cholasta

Jan Cholasta

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