Petr Vobornik wrote:
Hi all,

proposal is to create following two commands:

   ipa server-find
   ipa server-show FQDN

These commands will display a list of IPA servers stored in

No mod and add commands atm. They could be added when needed. Installed
service won't be shown as well.;

Main reasons for adding them are:

1. let people know what they could enter in:
    ipa topologysegment-add SUFFIX --leftnode=NODE --rightnode=NODE
2. web ui needs this info to offer a list of IPA servers for the same
task as in #1
3. it's convenient

In Brno, we had an offline discussion about the object name and 'server'
was a winner. Other discussed candidates were: topologynode, node,
master, replica, topologyserver, managedserver. Server was chosen because:
- IPA server is commonly used
- works well with other terminology/commands, e.g. ipa-server-install
- is not bound to topology (in comparison to replica or master)
- is short
- works well with future installation of server parts like CA through API

Adding Rob and Simo to CC explicitly so they could object if they wish ;)

Kudos for including the reasoning. I still lean more towards master but don't object too much to server given the reasoning. My only hesitation to server is that it is a rather generic term but it seems like a CLI user will quickly learn the difference between host and server so it should be ok.



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