On 05/21/2015 04:29 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Petr Vobornik wrote:
Hi all,

proposal is to create following two commands:

   ipa server-find
   ipa server-show FQDN

These commands will display a list of IPA servers stored in

No mod and add commands atm. They could be added when needed. Installed
service won't be shown as well.;

Main reasons for adding them are:

1. let people know what they could enter in:
    ipa topologysegment-add SUFFIX --leftnode=NODE --rightnode=NODE
2. web ui needs this info to offer a list of IPA servers for the same
task as in #1
3. it's convenient

In Brno, we had an offline discussion about the object name and 'server'
was a winner. Other discussed candidates were: topologynode, node,
master, replica, topologyserver, managedserver. Server was chosen because:
- IPA server is commonly used
- works well with other terminology/commands, e.g. ipa-server-install
- is not bound to topology (in comparison to replica or master)
- is short
- works well with future installation of server parts like CA through API

Adding Rob and Simo to CC explicitly so they could object if they wish ;)

Kudos for including the reasoning. I still lean more towards master but don't
object too much to server given the reasoning.

My main concern with master-* based API was that if we eventually do other type of replicas, e.g. read only replicas, they would not longer be "master" and we may still want to return them via this API.

My only hesitation to server is
that it is a rather generic term but it seems like a CLI user will quickly
learn the difference between host and server so it should be ok.



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