On 22.5.2015 11:10, Tomas Hozza wrote:
> On 05/15/2015 11:37 AM, Petr Spacek wrote:
>> Hello,
>> this patch set adds meta-database which is one of prerequisites for other 
>> work.
>> These changes should not be user-visible. You might compile the plugin with
>> CFLAGS="-DMETADB_DEBUG" and check contect of /tmp/metadb.db after BIND 
>> shutdown.
>> Please see
>> https://fedorahosted.org/bind-dyndb-ldap/ticket/151
>> https://fedorahosted.org/bind-dyndb-ldap/wiki/Design/MetaDB
>> for further information and let me know if you can help you somehow.
> In Patch 351 Rename ldap_entry_create() to ldap_entry_parse(), you should
> rename the functions also in documentation:
> https://github.com/pspacek/bind-dyndb-ldap/blob/4fb7bd42609c2b6a4ffbdf6f3a1e58e00d84fa1e/src/ldap_entry.c#L111
> https://github.com/pspacek/bind-dyndb-ldap/blob/4fb7bd42609c2b6a4ffbdf6f3a1e58e00d84fa1e/src/ldap_entry.h#L101
> Other than that, it looks good.
> I did no functional testing... It compiled, functional testing done by others.

Thank you!

Pushed to master:

aaae746022d82b2b08944580f1ab4add7c980d59 Move SOA serial update functions to
068538eacfe7b59e86d6712f83860584fa167787 Add LDAP UUID -> meta-database name
mapping function.
35e79d6794ddf7a3a3472cfde07d983402be0f65 Add basic infratructure for generic
9af629f8b1ccae72aa052744d4ba964d55778913 Add static (compile-time) assert macro.
01ab6db5d0b002f4848446678930a3280742d211 Add basic infratructure for LDAP
ed82a73cbf9f087737073455d5e42c1cecbd4d11 Add functions for populating LDAP
ffcc971fafbf50a0d65c8703e62584e3814064e3 Add meta-LDAP database to LDAP 
dddb69ddbecec1b28109cc6d552a1643d6410c27 Add LDAP UUID to LDAP entry structure.
b0b0fb542ed42d40e0ba3f8bae34f7fe9aa0a633 Store object class, generation
number, and DNS names into meta-LDAP DB.
472c1f2f739a793ea90044c9c35b32cae58d27d0 Move typedefs to types.h to avoid
cross-include problems.
316ca66683d94345eb7db99499be7e58dc8f06ec Add functions for reading from
generic meta-database.
e64dea627ff965149ca5dc2f5ed29c4307e229c4 Add functions for reading from
meta-LDAP database.
980d00c05d749d5a87ebf3b45e9ed222ac729626 Use information from metaDB for LDAP
object deletion.
808647cb1b35a4d8dbfe79b0c238509342780e36 Rename ldap_entry_create() to
f83d99b6cdec9f89f624163996425f8c5eb9d018 Replace ldap_entry_parseclass() by
LDAP entry struct member variable.
7e79bd6e90541131a21dc2a4784cd58abc7423e8 Add pre-parsed DNS names to LDAP
entry structure.
0aa700bae38a5c653bb048b032cc785235591002 Adapt update_record() to use
pre-parsed DNS names in LDAP entry.
32b5764969c64eac9c1783098ddddb35025e99ff Adapt ldap_parse_fwd_zoneentry() to
use pre-parsed DNS names in LDAP entry.
f1ca7432fe363a7175a9aa030ba3d9177863b0e0 Adapt update_zone() to use pre-parsed
DNS names in LDAP entry.
9f64fe6f1d0860a201f6331b7996f76fcaf054fd Adapt ldap_parse_master_zoneentry()
to use pre-parsed DNS names in LDAP entry.
5a203a3ecc49a4bbb6cd32fb2dc669c701c04030 Adapt ldap_sync_search_entry() to use
pre-parsed DNS names in LDAP entry.
414f84d77372ef7d748d33047af0ea60d2282fe9 Adapt syncrepl_update() to use
pre-parsed DNS names and metadata in LDAP entry.
a6513c44d5576f94485630d5a0273c49f5c6c66e Add function for node deletion from
generic meta-database.
a14e1c4044cf6df5f4fc3198c119f877ddd37fc3 Add ability to open existing metaDB
node for writing.
b1a7bbab23e7b8669bb468094fe8faff104ebdd8 Add function for node deletion to
meta-LDAP database API.
d6071339f25e082373cf440f5c81a980e9459a64 Delete metadata about objects deleted
from LDAP.
fff69de438108311c644a61dcf09dc3e367af23c Fix comments regarding

Petr^2 Spacek

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