Dne 25.5.2015 v 16:58 Martin Babinsky napsal(a):
On 05/21/2015 10:16 AM, Martin Babinsky wrote:
On 05/19/2015 08:23 PM, Martin Babinsky wrote:
This patch is required for the installer ref@#$%&ing work

It required quite a bit of hacking to get it work as expected, but I
hope that it's not so bad.

Requires PATCH 0035 "do not check for directory manager password during
KRA uninstall" to apply.

Attaching rebased patch that should apply cleanly on current master
without prerequisites.

Attaching updated patch.

Thanks, ACK.

Pushed to master: 6a4b428120c2e351ad0f1b4573f50b106844b1fd

Jan Cholasta

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