On Tue, 26 May 2015, Jan Cholasta wrote:
I tested 0259.1 (it worked for install and update) but not 0259.2
yet.  0259.2 looks OK though; ACK if tested for install and update.

The new patch has only one additional minor fix for a potential problem that currently does not appear anywhere in install and update (see interdiff below), so I consider the ACK transitive.

-            if instance_name.startswith('dirsrv@'):
+            if instance_name.startswith('dirsrv'):
+ # this is intentional, return the empty string if the instance
+                # name is 'dirsrv'
This one is actually pretty bad. If you only check for dirsrv, then
dirsrv.service would get in it and you'd get instance_name[7:] returning
empty string, not a service name at all:
>>> s='dirsrv.service'
>>> s[:-8]
>>> s[:-8][7:]

>>> s='dirsrv@foobar.service'
>>> s[:-8]
>>> s[:-8][7:]
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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