the code of ipa-server-install, ipa-replica-install and ipa-upgradeconfig was moved to modules in ipaserver in these commits:

* 027515230a93a7a60983d3eca26a97a0d9c3610e Server Upgrade: Move code from ipa-upgradeconfig to separate module

* 5a7b153ad238ebdf8aa3c85fdf5c308640d8457b install: Make a package out of ipaserver.install.server

* 6dabe6ebb28c9972cedc3fb7cc1e59ddd8e5e5b6 install: Move ipa-server-install code into a module

* 3cb42e33c06fb66702ecfd34ddcad9b548f23132 install: Move ipa-replica-install code into a module

* f451af9a5a6618b6c8d24b28ca8d06fd109487dd install: Move ipa-server-upgrade code into a module

If you made modifications to any of these scripts in your patches, you will need to rebase them as follows:

* ipa-server-install install code was moved to install_check() and install() functions in ipaserver/install/server/install.py

* ipa-server-install uninstall code was moved to uninstall_check() and uninstall() functions in ipaserver/install/server/install.py

* ipa-replica-install code was moved to install_check() and install() functions in ipaserver/install/server/replicainstall.py

* ipa-upgradeconfig code was moved to upgrade_check() and upgrade() functions in ipaserver/install/server/upgrade.py

The {install,upgrade}_check() functions do the checks that are done before the operation and function {install,upgrade}() do the actual operation.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this mail or ask me personally.


Jan Cholasta

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