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the attached patch adds the basics of the new installer framework.

As a next step, I plan to convert the install scripts to use the
framework with their old code (the old code will be gradually
ported to
the framework later).

(Note I didn't manage to write docstrings today, expect update

Added some docstrings.

Also updated the patch to reflect little brainstorming David and I
this morning.


Hello, see comments bellow:

1) We started using new shorter License header in files:
# Copyright (C) 2015  FreeIPA Contributors see COPYING for license


2) IMO this will not work, NoneType has no 'obj' attribute
+        else:
+            if isinstance(value, from_):
+                value = None
+                stack.append(value.obj)
+                continue


3) Multiple inheritance. I do not like it much.
+class CompositeInstaller(Installer, CompositeConfigurator):

I guess you are antagonistic to multiple inheritance because of how
other languages (like C++) do it. In Python it can be pretty elegant
is basis for e.g. the mixin design pattern.

Installer and CompositeConfigurator inherites from Configurator
and all of them implements _generator method.

Both of them call super()._generator(), so it's no problem (same for
other methods).

If I understand correctly
(https://www.python.org/download/releases/2.3/mro/) the
Installer._generator method will be used in this case.
However in case when CompositeConfigurator has more levels
it is more specialized) of inheritance, it could take precedence
and its
_generator method may be used instead.

The order of precedence is defined by the order of base classes in the
class definition.

I'm afraid this may suddenly stop working.
Maybe I'm wrong, please fix me.

As long as you call the super class, it will work fine.

And Multiple inheritance is not easily readable, this is even a
inheritance model.

Cooperative inheritance is used by design and IMHO is easily
readable if
you know how to read it. Every class defines a single bit of behavior. Without cooperative inheritance, it would have to be hardcoded and/or
hacked around, which I wanted to avoid.

This blog post explains it nicely:

Updated patch attached.

Also attached is patch 425 which migrates ipa-server-install to the

Good job there. I am just curious, will this framework and new option
processing be friendly to other types of option passing than just via
I mean tickets


Especially 4517 is important, we need to be able to run

# cat install.conf

# ipa-server-install --unattended --conf install.conf

I assume yes, but I am just making sure.

Yes, definitely.

Updated patches attached.

Another update, patches attached.

thank you,

ipa-server-install --uninstall prints 0
Unconfiguring ipa_memcached
Unconfiguring ipa-otpd
The ipa-server-install command was successful

ipa-server-install --setup-dns
'ServerOptions' object has no attribute 'dnssec_master'

For record, this will be fixed in extra patch.
info messages from ldapupdate are printed to console

+    if default is not _missing:
+        class_dict['default'] = default

Why is new _missing object needed? Isn't NoneType enough?

Martin Basti

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