On 04/06/15 21:36, Drew Erny wrote:
Whoops, hit the wrong "reply".

On 06/04/2015 03:34 PM, Drew Erny wrote:
This is the same patch sort of manually rebased on the master branch. I couldn't get it to cleanly rebase using tools, so I apply my commit line-by-line; the only changes I made were pulling the "scope = _supported_scopes[options.get('scope')]" out of the for loop I'd accidentally left it in, and moving the import statement to a different spot. Everything else should be the same, excep I incremented VERSION and edited the comment.

I do have to convert to tuple, because that argument is expected to be a tuple but .keys() returns a list.
Oh right, Enum requires explicitly tuple

On 06/04/2015 11:35 AM, Martin Basti wrote:
On 03/06/15 20:40, Drew Erny wrote:
Hi, all,

This is an updated patch, with the code changes suggested by Martin Batsi in my test email. The biggest difference is that I had to do


To get access to those constants in the global scope. This seems like a fairly clean solution, but if it's a code smell, feel free to suggest improvements. This should have identical behavior to the last patch, except it will autofill scope and no longer prompt interactively.


Drew Erny


please continue discussion in the same thread :)

API.txt was changed, please update VERSION file, increment minor version +1 and edit comment there. I forgot to tell you yesterday.

Can you rebase your patch to current master?
This patch is supposed to go to IPA 4.2.

Is the tuple conversion needed?

Otherwise patch looks good.

Martin Basti

Thank you.
ACK, it works as expected.

Martin Basti

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