On 06/11/2015 08:12 AM, Ludwig Krispenz wrote:
Attached are two patches:
- reject direct modification of segment endpoints and connectivity
- better manage the rdn of a replication agreements represented by a segment

Hello Ludwig,

The patches looks good. Two questions:

 * Patch 0012
               if (strcasecmp(agmt_rdn_str, topo_agmt->rdn)) {
                    topo_agmt->rdn = slapi_ch_strdup(agmt_rdn_str);
   What is the benefit of replacing a string by the same one ?
 * Patch 0013
   In ipa-topo-pre-mod.
        if (ipa_topo_is_entry_managed(pb)){
            if(ipa_topo_is_agmt_attr_restricted(pb)) {
                errtxt = slapi_ch_smprintf("Entry and attributes are
   managed by topology plugin."
                                           "No direct modifications
        } else if (ipa_topo_check_connect_restrict(pb)) {
            errtxt = slapi_ch_smprintf("Modification of connectivity
   and segment nodes "
                                       " is not supported.\n");
   If we have an external modify of replication agreement (managed by
   topology plugin), then it will not call
   And the modify will not be reject if for example it updates
   But I thought that this patch also wants to prevent external update
   of some connectivity attribute of the managed entries.


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