On 2015-06-12 23:58, Adam Young wrote:
> So...I've been spoiled a bit by Gerrit.   Here is what I just did to get
> them to apply:
> cd freeipa
> git clean -xdf .
> #use the -3 to do 3 way merge
> git am -3
> ~/Documents/freeipa/patches/cheimes/freeipa-cheimes-0001-3-Provide-Kerberos-over-HTTP-MS-KKDCP.patch
> @git status show conflicts in
>     both modified:   install/share/Makefile.am
>     both modified:   ipaplatform/base/paths.py
> Which were due to this change and another making changes to the same
> section of the file, but they were  "accept both"  type conflicts
> Updated patch is attached.  Christian, please confirm it is OK.

Hi Adam,

awesome! The three-way-merge option is a great trick. I didn't know it
before. Your patch looks like the patch, that I was about to upload now. :)


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