Hi, All,

I'm using the IPA Python API to write the Community Portal. Most of the documentation for using the IPA Python API is targeted a plugin authors, and this isn't a plugin for (what I think are) good reasons. I'm doing

    # in the main program
    import api from ipalib

    # and then, inside of a separate class

Which is how doc/examples/python-api.py shows it.

However, calling api.Command.stageuser_add(...) causes
    AttributeError: No context.rpcclient_... in thread 'Thread-1'

I think this is probably related to the fact that I haven't configured my program to connect to any particular IPA server, because before the program errors out, it prints:
    ipa: INFO: Forwarding 'stageuser_add' to json server 'None'

If the problem is the lack of a target server, as I suspect, how would I configure the program to connect to a particular IPA server? If this isn't caused by that, what could the causes be?

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