Hello, all,

I've built a prototype of the community portal, and I'd like a quick sanity check on it. If someone would look over the architecture of this code and make sure that the design is sensible before I proceed any further, that would be very helpful. The source code can be found here: https://github.com/dperny/freeipa-communityportal

This code should run on your machine, and you should be able to add users to the staging tree. It might not, howver; the point is to have the code looked at before I spend anymore time on it.

The Community Portal prototype is a Python Flask web-application that acts as a client to a FreeIPA server. It collects input from the unwashed masses (in the form of a user sign-up page) and then sends it to the FreeIPA server. This way, the Community Portal acts like a gateway between the FreeIPA server and the anonymous community users, restricting the commands they can send to the server.

Right now, the server imports FreeIPA's Python ipalib module, which allows it to act like a client. It uses api.Command.stageuser_add(...) to add new users to the staging area of the FreeIPA database. It then sends an email to the admin (or, rather, it logs an email to the console instead of sending one, in the prototype) to alert them to the fact that a user has signed up.

All feedback is welcome.



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