On 06/24/2015 12:19 PM, Oleg Fayans wrote:
Hi Ludwig,

I see some contradictions in the way the segment modification cli is

$ ipa help topologysegment-mod
Usage: ipa [global-options] topologysegment-mod TOPOLOGYSUFFIX NAME

$ ipa topologysegment-mod realm 127-to-244 --setattr=Segment name=test
ipa: ERROR: command 'topologysegment_mod' takes at most 2 arguments

(suffix + name + options = 3, not 2)

'Segment name' is not correct attribute name. More below.

Is there a way to list all possible attributes available for modification?
When do topologysegment-show --all, I get quite a small number of them,
and even them I am unable to modify:

$ ipa topologysegment-show realm 127-to-244 --all

   Segment name: 127-to-244
   Left node: vm-127.idm.lab.eng.brq.redhat.com
   Right node: vm-244.idm.lab.eng.brq.redhat.com
   Connectivity: both
   objectclass: top, iparepltoposegment

$ ipa topologysegment-mod realm 127-to-244
ipa: ERROR: attribute "connectivity" not allowed
$ ipa topologysegment-mod realm 127-to-244 --setattr=direction=left-right
ipa: ERROR: attribute "direction" not allowed

--XXXattr options work with LDAP attributes names. 'direction' is the option name but not attribute name. Attribute name is iparepltoposegmentdirection.

You can see the mappings in, e.g.,:
  ipa show-mappings topologysegment-mod

Petr Vobornik

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