On 06/30/2015 09:19 AM, Ludwig Krispenz wrote:

On 06/26/2015 02:14 PM, thierry bordaz wrote:
On 06/22/2015 11:35 AM, Ludwig Krispenz wrote:
fix for ticket #5065, removing start
- after online init copmpleted
- additionally check after startup

Hi Ludwig,

The fix looks good to me.
I have just a clarification regarding ipa_topo_util_reset_init. It resets 'nsds5BeginReplicaRefresh' at the condition the segment->[left,right]->target=localhost.
it is called "post_init", after an online initialization, so the host where this is checked was the target of an init. at startup, when there is a check, if it is still present, it will check that it is the origin of a refresh, clear it and not repeat the init

OK I understand my mistake now. Thanks for your explanations.

Would you add a comment that when calling ipa_topo_util_remove_init_attr (in ipa_topo_util_update_agmt_list) that it will reset 'nsds5BeginReplicaRefresh' when the host is a supplier. Also when calling ipa_topo_util_reset_init (in ipa_topo_apply_shared_config) that it will reset 'nsds5BeginReplicaRefresh' when the host is a consumer.

An other point, ipa_topo_apply_shared_config is called after an online init of the main suffix. It will reset all 'nsds5BeginReplicaRefresh' (via ipa_topo_apply_shared_replica_config and via ipa_topo_util_reset_init) on all suffixes. IMHO it is fine because reinit the shared tree should reset all administrative tasks, but may be it worth a comment.

Otherwise the patch is ok for me.



I would expect it resets the flag on the master side and so it tests 'segment->[left,right]->origin=localhost'.


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